The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1019

“Let go of me! Let go!”
“Who are you people? You people… I have money, I’ll give you money… My dad is very rich…”
Phoebe Larsen panicked to the core. She had no idea who these people were at all, and the only thing she could think of was to save her life with money.
Unfortunately, these people weren’t convinced.
Moreover, someone began to speak, “Stop struggling. We do things with principles. Since we’ve accepted money from our client, how could we go back on our promise? You should just resign yourself to fate!”
When Phoebe heard this, she panicked even more.
They were neither going after her money nor her body. Someone actually instructed them to do so.
“Who is it? Who instructed you to do this? You must have been fooled. My father is Wayne Larson. He’s the mayor of Michigan. If you ever hurt me, my father definitely won’t let you go. He’ll catch you even if you go to the end of the world,” Phoebe said.
Phoebe normally never mentioned who her father was but during times like this, she hoped that she could scare these people away with her father’s reputation.
A masked man laughed loudly. “How did you know we live near the end of the world? Amazing! But, so what? Do you think we’re blind and stupid for being unable to recognize you? It’s Wayne Larsen’s daughter we’re going for!”
At this moment, Phoebe truly began to feel hopeless. She struggled desperately and cried out for help.
Phoebe wanted to use one leg to kick against the car’s window. Unfortunately, one of the thugs blocked it midway. Instead, her foot landed on the door post. Her ankle was twisted, and it hurt greatly. Meanwhile, someone covered her mouth and spoke eerily into her ear, “You better behave. Otherwise, with your good looks, we don’t mind taking turns to have some fun with you in the car.”
When Phoebe heard this, her body immediately stiffened up. She didn’t dare to shout anymore. Tears started streaming down her face uncontrollably.
Right then, the car suddenly came to a halt.
Everyone in the car jerked forward, especially the man who was speaking to Phoebe earlier. He bumped his head against the front seat. It hurt so badly that he started gritting his teeth and yelled, “Luden, do you know how to drive? Are you trying to get me killed?”
Luden, who was driving, poked his head out of the car window and started cursing loudly. “B*stard. Do you want to die? Get out of the way. Believe it or not, I’m going to run you over and kill you.”
A young man was standing in front of the car.
Of course, it was Alex Rockefeller.
Alex pretended to leave, but he stopped and placed his hands on his waist. “Oh, you piece of sh*t. You’re only driving a dilapidated van, but you think so highly of yourself, huh? Open your damn eyes. Which car in this parking lot is worse than yours? You’re driving such a broken piece of crap metal that beggars don’ t even want, yet you dare to speak to an old woman… No, I mean, how dare you yell at an old man like me? Are you blind? Did your mother give birth to you in a pig barn? Is that why you have the brain of a pig? Do you think this road belongs to your family? My car is worth a hundred times more than yours.”
Alex was imitating Claire when she cursed. Carelessly, he even addressed himself as an old woman.
However, it was very effective. Luden became thoroughly enraged.
The person in the back seat, who was probably the boss, said, “Luden, let’s not cause trouble. Let him go!”
However, Luden couldn’t stand it. “I’ve never met such a b*tchy man. I’ll run him over.”
With that, Luden stepped on the accelerator.
To his surprise, Alex was holding a brick that he had picked up somewhere in his hand behind his back.
Alex smashed it in the direction of the driver’s seat.
The windshield was instantly shattered. The huge brick passed through the glass panel and knocked against Luden’s chin. A large amount of blood instantly gushed out. Luden also subconsciously spun the steering wheel to dodge the brick. In the end, the van crashed into a Mercedes-Benz nearby.
Luden touched his chin. When he saw blood on his hand, he immediately became furious.
“This jerk! I have to kill him!” Luden immediately operated the van with the intention of reversing the car.
As a result, he accidentally turned off the engine. When he tried to turn on the engine again, he realized that it simply couldn’t be turned on. Luden became so angry that he repeatedly smashed the steering wheel.
“Hahahaha. Like I said, you’re driving a garbage van. How dare you behave so arrogantly with me? I’m afraid you might not know this, but even a large garlic is more expensive than this garbage of yours. Great, now your garbage van can’t be driven anymore. What else can you run me over with? Your pig brain?”
Luden couldn’t hold back anymore. He immediately opened the door and wanted to get out.
The boss asked, “Wait a second. Something feels wrong. Where did this man come from? Could he be someone who works for Wayne Larsen?”


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