The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1922

Chapter 1922 The next morning… After Daisie woke up, she went downstairs and was welcomed by the fragrance of fried eggs. Nollace was standing in the kitchen.

While he was transferring the eggs from the pan to the plate, a pair of arms hugged him from the back.

He was stunned for a moment and then turned his head around and smiled.

“Morning.” She leaned against his broad back, feeling his body warmth.


He said gently, “Go get yourself cleaned.

Breakfast is ready.” Daisie went upstairs to clean herself up.

After changing into a set of new clothes, she went downstairs again.

Noilace had already served all of the dishes on the table.

There was porridge, a few slices of bread, ham, and a sunny side up.

She pulled the chair and sat down.

Feeling a little bit embarrassed, she said, “Nolly, actually, you don’t have to wake up so early every dayto prepare breakfast for me.

I can do it myself.” He chuckled and pushed the porridge to her.

“It’s okay.

I enjoy preparing breakfast for you.” Daisie looked at him.

Noilace was too perfect.

It seemed to her that he did not have any flaw at all, no matter how hard she tried to look for it.

He was gentle and attentive.

Not only that, but he was good at taking care of other people.

It was rather difficult not to fall in love with him.

Noilace raised his hand and rubbed her cheek, “What’s wrong?”

She pressed her lips tightly and lowered her head.

“I don’t even know what to do after you’ve done everything for me.”

Noilace went closerto her and said, “When you’re at home, you don’t have to do anything, Daisie.

I didn’t marry you just because I want you to become my maid.” “But you’re taking care of me like I’m a baby.”

Daisie lowered her head toeat the porridge , her cheeks red.

She did not like this feeling at all.

Noilace was doing everything for her while she just needed to sit back and relax.

■| must come home early tonight and prepare dinner for him.’

After they finished their breakfast, Noilace brought her to her company like he alwaysdid.

Meanwhile, the chairman’s car was parked not far away from them.

When he saw Daisie coming out of Noilace’s car, he was stunned.

“The driver…

Isn’t he Knowles’ assistant?’ Daisie did not notice the chairman and entered the elevator first.

The chairman walked over to the car, and the window rolled down slowly.

Sitting at the back of the car, Noilace looked at him and nodded.

The chairman smiled and replied, “It really is you, Mr.


He already knew that Nolalce was Daisie’s fiance.

Therefore, he did not feel surprised when Daisie announced that she was engaged.

However, he felt curious.

“Now all media outlets are guessing who Daisie’s boyfriend is.

Why don’t you announce your relationship with Daisie? After all, it seems to me that it won’t affect you much even if you make it public.”

Daisie was the daughterof the Goldmanns .

It wouldn’t affect her career in the entertainment industry even if her relationship with Nollace were exposed.

Besides, she was a good actress with great acting skills and not an idol who knew nothing.

Besides, even if it would affect her career, it wouldn’t affect her future at all, considering theGoldmanns’ business empire.

They did not make their marriage public.

All media outlets were working their very best to find out who her boyfriend was.

The more they couldn’t get any information about him, the more impatient they became.

They knew that it would take some time before the media finally stopped Noilace smiled faintly.

“I’m more suitable to become the man who supports her from the back.

I’m fine even if no one knows I’m her husband.” The chairman felt a chill down his spine asgoosebumps erupted on his skin.

He did not come here to get himself tortured by their love.

“It seems you like your fiancee very much, Mr.

Knowles.” “Of course, I am.” The chairman did not want to talk to him anymore.

When he was about to leave, Nollace suddenly asked, “Sir, there’s one thing I want you to do for me.” Thechairman asked,’ What is it, Mr.


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