The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1020

After the boss said that, Luden stopped moving momentarily.
Meanwhile, Phoebe’s heart lit up with hope. Suddenly, she realized that the voice of the man outside sounded familiar. She felt as if she had heard it somewhere before… Right after that, she suddenly remembered. Didn’t that voice belong to that jerk, Alex Rockefeller?
Why was the jerk here?
In the end, after yelling at them, Alex ran off.
The boss sighed in relief.
Luden couldn’t hold back any longer and said, “Boss, that’s the b*tchy man. I must teach him a lesson.”
As a result, when Luden rushed outside the van, he realized Alex had already disappeared.
“What do we do, boss? The van is broken!” Luden came back while cursing. They could not go anywhere without a working vehicle.
The boss looked at Phoebe. “Let’s drive her car. Check her purse and see if there’s a key inside.”
“There’s a key. In fact, it’s a BMW,” another man soon said.
It was Cheryl Coney’s BMW.
“Let’s get down and change to the new car!”
The group of men didn’t have a choice but to leave their dilapidated van behind and look for Phoebe’s BMW. However, right then, a person sneakily appeared behind the boss.
“Hey!” The person slapped on the crown of the boss’ head.
The boss jerked his head around. When he saw that the person was Alex from earlier, he suddenly felt goosebumps all over his body. Subconsciously, he reached for Phoebe’s neck. However, as soon as be extended his hands, Alex grabbed them. With a loud crack, the boss’s wrist was broken, and bits of his bones fell off.
The boss cried out painfully. He nearly passed out.
Although Phoebe didn’t know what was happening, she could feel someone forcibly grabbing her by her waist. Her body uncontrollably fell into this person’s arms.
Phoebe seemed to be able to smell the jerk’s scent. He smelled inexplicably nice, unlike other people. Immediately after that, a crackling sound was heard. The scene became quiet. She could only hear several men wailing in pain.
In the next moment, Phoebe could see light again.
Alex had removed the cloth over her head. Then, he untied the rope around her hand and asked, “Are you alright, Miss Larsen?”
It would’ve been better if Alex didn’t ask the question. As soon as he did, Phoebe started crying. She suddenly pounced onto his body and circled her arms tightly around his neck. “You jerk! I was terrified. I thought I’d be done for. Thankfully, you appeared in time.”
Alex was shocked. “What did you call me?”
Only then did Phoebe realize that she had accidentally called Alex’s nickname given by her. Previously, when she spoke to Cheryl, she had gotten used to calling him a jerk. “Did I call you? I don’t know. I feel a little disoriented right now. I don’t know if I called you earlier either.”
Alex was speechless.
He pulled her away from his body before pointing at the four men on the ground.
“Do you know these people?” Alex asked.


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