The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1021

By this time, Alex Rockefeller had long taken off the masks of the four men.
“I don’t recognize them!” Phoebe Larsen shook her head after taking a closer look at them. “But this man told me that someone instructed them to do this. It’s probably related to my father.”
Alex frowned slightly. “I thought they were just trying to rape you. I didn’t expect an inside story to be there. Did they tell you why they kidnapped you?”
Since Phoebe didn’t have the answer, she shook her head and looked at Alex.
Her hands were still holding onto Alex, and half her body’s weight was on his body. Through his arms, Alex could clearly feel the unique softness in front of her chest. He couldn’t help but turn around and look down at her collar several times.
When Phoebe noticed it, she quickly moved away. Although she cursed him for being a jerk in her heart, she started mo*ning in an aggrieved tone. “I sprained my ankle again.”
Alex looked at her foot “Oh, right. Why did you sprain it again?”
Alex shook his head. He then made Phoebe stand up on her own before walking to the four culprits.
“Which one of you will tell me who instructed you to kidnap Miss Larsen?” Alex asked.
Indeed, his words were ineffective.
Luden began speaking in a hard-headed manner. “Don’t worry. We won’t tell you even if you kill us. Don’t waste your effort. Kill us or skin us alive… Do whatever you want.”
Alex smacked Luden’s head. “You have a hard skull. Let’s see if your limbs are as tough.”
Crack! Crack!
Alex lifted his foot and stomped on Luden’s limbs. It was not unlike stepping on sugar canes. Luden’s limbs had been trampled into pulp. Wherever Alex’s foot landed, Luden’s bones would be completely crushed. Even surgery wouldn’t possibly help him recover.
Phoebe was terrified by what she saw.
She felt that this jerk was indeed scary when he became mad. But then she thought about how she would’ve ended up in a horrendous state tonight if the jerk hadn’t saved her. It was uncertain if she’d still be alive, but she’d have definitely gotten raped.
After thinking like this, Phoebe felt afraid again. She was even more grateful to Alex now.
This was already the second time Alex saved her life.
Crack! Crack!
Crack! Crack!
Phoebe witnessed Alex crushing two other men’s limbs, and she began thinking to herself, ‘This man might somewhat be a jerk, but he can be heartwarming at times!’
Unfortunately, the four men had all become disabled but Alex still couldn’t extract any information from them.
Luden became even fiercer. “Boy, you’re in huge trouble! Today’s matter isn’ t something random people can involve themselves in. Now that you’ve crushed the limbs of all four of us, you’re officially an enemy of Leviathan Gate. Leviathan Gate won’t let you off the hook,” he said.
Alex laughed. “Oh, I was wondering who you might be. It turns out that you’re from Leviathan Gate too. I happen to have bad blood with Leviathan Gate.”
“What? You know about Leviathan Gate?” the boss exclaimed.
“Yes, I do. A few days ago, your young master, Seamus Owen or something, got beaten up badly by me. Now, I think he’s been killed by his girlfriend, Carol Rockefeller! Also, some time ago, you had a guardian called Vaudou or something… ” Alex said.
“Do you mean Darren Vaudou, Guardian Vaudou?”
“That’s right! That’s the name. Guardian Darren Vaudou and his little brother were both killed by me… Look, aren’t I just fine? This means Leviathan Gate is weak as hell! When I’m in a good mood, I’ll go over and kill the head of Leviathan Gate too. We’ll see how arrogant you can be then,” Alex said.
The few men from Leviathan Gate were dumbfounded by what they heard.
“So, it’s actually you who killed Guardian Vaudou?”


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