The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1022

“Hmph!” Alex snorted coldly. He couldn’t be bothered to talk any further nonsense.
He tapped on the boss’s forehead.
Soul Banishing Touch!
Three seconds later, the boss started trembling all over. His eyes rolled up, and a significant amount of white foam spurted out of his mouth.
Phoebe Larsen was dumbfounded by what she saw. “What happened to him?” she asked.
“This is a cruel method of interrogation. It’s much more effective than other forms of severe torture. This is a direct way of torturing his soul. Ordinary people won’t even last five seconds,” Alex said.
Phoebe felt as if she was listening to a heavenly gospel.
In the end, the boss’s body started to convolute violently, and he fell to the ground with a thump.
“Huh? What happened to him?” Phoebe exclaimed.
“Oh, dear. I was focusing on talking to you and forgot about the time. I thought he wouldn’t last five seconds, but he ended up lasting ten seconds. Now, his brain is ruined. He’s gone mad,” Alex continued.
As soon as Alex said that, the boss started to behave abnormally.
Saliva drooled from his mouth, and a sly smile appeared on his face. “Beautiful women… So many beautiful women, so many…” he murmured.
The fellow men from Leviathan Gate were all scared silly.
What kind of tactic was this?
Just as Alex was about to cast a Soul Banishing Touch on Luden, Luden immediately spilled the beans. “I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you. We were instructed by our Leviathan Gate superiors to do so. We accepted the mission, and that’s why we did it.”
Upon further detailed questioning, Alex and Phoebe could finally just about figure out what was going on.
Leviathan Gate actually had something like a mercenary mission lobby. Disciples could take on various missions in the mission lobby, such as assassinating, kidnapping, and escorting people. Each mission had its corresponding reward or point accumulation. Disciples could use the points they accumulated to exchange for things in the sect, for instance, pills, weapons, or money.
“Leviathan Gate actually has this kind of thing.” Alex was a little surprised by what he heard. He had always thought it was a small sect, but with the existence of a mission lobby, Alex could tell that Leviathan Gate was an unusual organization.
Clearly, they had much bigger ambitions. Apart from that, these people were actually sent to kidnap Phoebe in the form of a mission. It would be difficult to find out who the mastermind behind this was from these people.
“Did your father offend someone recently?” Alex asked Phoebe.
“I’m not too sure. My father rarely tells us things about his work. Even if he gets into trouble, he never tells my mother and me about it. He keeps everything to himself,” Phoebe said.
Alex nodded. “It seems that in that regard, you’re not like your father. You’re a loudspeaker.”
Phoebe became furious about being called a loudspeaker.
But when she moved a little, her feet hurt so much that she could barely stand. In the end, she had to be supported by Alex.
“You can mention it to your father. I’ll help you out one more time!” Alex then took his phone out and called Sky Melvis.
Sky, Zachary Xavier, and the rest hadn’t strayed too far. They soon rushed over.
“Leviathan Gate?” When Zachary heard Leviathan Gate’s name, a serious expression appeared on his face.
“Leviathan Gate has been growing very fast lately, especially since last year. Their activities in America have become more rampant. Looks like they must have something sinister planned.”
“Uncle Xavier, do you know about Leviathan Gate?” Alex asked.
“We shouldn’t underestimate Leviathan Gate. This sect used to operate overseas, and it has many disciples. Its forces in Southeast Asia are especially powerful. Divine Constabulary was in contact with them multiple times. The head of the sect is Blood Fist, someone who became infamous thirty years ago. Achieving Earth-rank thirty years ago, rumor has it that he’s very likely made a breakthrough to Grandmaster-rank,” Zachary said.
After that, Zachary turned to look at Phoebe. “I know your father. I’ll personally talk to your father about this.”


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