The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1024

“You touched my thigh,” Phoebe Larsen said.
“Sh*t. Why don’t you try carrying someone without touching their leg? You’ll fall to your death,” Alex Rockefeller answered.
“Don’t you have quick healing abilities? If you heal me, I can walk on my own. Why would I need you to carry me?” Phoebe asked.
Alex chuckled coldly. “Are you trying to get me to heal you quickly? Aggressive methods like this won’t work. Last time, I only did it because Cheryl pleaded for you. We haven’t reached that degree of friendship yet. Unless, of course, we make an equivalent exchange,” Alex said.
“An equivalent exchange? What do you wan t?” Phoebe really did want to experience these magical medical skills once again. She was a doctor herself. On the inside, she already felt great admiration toward Alex’s medical skills. She only opposed him because of her pre-existing biases.
“Your soul, for instance,” Alex said.
“Tsk. I thought you might have said you wanted my body,” Phoebe sighed.
“I’m not interested in your body,” replied Alex.
Phoebe instantly gritted her teeth. Ever since she was a kid, she had been praised for her beauty. After growing up, countless men had also complimented her for her looks. She was pretty confident in her appearance, but after what Alex said, she felt deeply enraged.
‘You must be blind,’ Phoebe thought.
Three minutes later, Alex found the BMW. He drove Phoebe back to her hotel.
“Well, I’ve already gone all the way in being helpful. I’m leaving now!” Alex said.
“You’re a doctor yourself. You should be able to deal with your injury, right? Hence, since it’s getting late, you don’t need to tell Cheryl or ask her to come check on you. After all, she’s a girl. It’s not safe at night,” Alex added after a pause.
Phoebe pouted. “You seem to care about her a lot.”
“She’s among the few friends I have. She helped me during the most difficult time of my life,” Alex said.
“How did she help you?” Phoebe suddenly craved gossip.
Alex glanced at her twice. “I’m leaving now. You don’t have to see me off.”
He didn’t want to talk to Phoebe about such things. Alex didn’t consider her his friend.
“Hey. Are you just going to leave me like this?” Phoebe asked.
“What else do you want?” Alex asked.
“My leg hurts. Every single step hurts. Even getting to the bathroom is troublesome. What if I trip and fall again?” Phoebe said.
Alex’s eyes widened. “You’re not asking me to help you get into the bathroom and give you a shower, are you?” Alex asked.
“Of course not. I’m just trying to prevent an accident from happening. Just sit here and wait for me. Once I’m done taking a shower, you can leave,” Phoebe said.
“Well… Alright!” Alex said.
After that, Phoebe grabbed her clothes and hopped into the bathroom. Just as she locked the door and was about to take off her clothes, she suddenly realized that she had made an incredibly silly request. She was taking a shower with only a wall between her and Alex.
What if he had evil intentions? The bathroom door couldn’t possibly stop a martial artist like him from barging in. What was she thinking?
Or perhaps, Phoebe subconsciously felt that this jerk was a reliable man. However, she had already gone inside. It was too late for regrets.
Hence, she let her guard down, undressed, and started to shower.
Rustle… Rustle…
Alex had incredibly sensitive ears. He could hear every move Phoebe made inside. After that, he could hear the sound of water splashing, as well as the sound of Phoebe pumping shower gel.
This was somewhat torture. However, he couldn’t resist paying attention to the sounds.
Unknowingly, his spiritual consciousness had also been released, and it uncontrollably entered the bathroom. The next second caught him stunned completely.
‘Holy sh*t!’ Alex thought.
What was going on?
Alex suddenly jumped to his feet, a look of disbelief plastered to his face. He nearly started a nosebleed.
‘Could my eyes have developed the ability to see through things?’ Alex wondered.


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