The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1928

Chapter 1928 Freyja pushed him away and went out in a fit of anger. “I didn’t expect you to makeme breakfast either.” Colton watched as she left the room, and his gaze immediately shifted back onto the drawer.

Freyja went downstairs and was astonished when she saw the breakfast that had been prepared on the dining table.

She really did not expect Colton to make breakfast for her, but she did not expectthat he would actually do it.

“This fella, apart from having an irritating mouth, everything else is fine with him.’ Colton walked downstairs unhurriedly and stared at the person eating breakfast in the livingroom with a slightly complicated expression.

‘She didn’t take the pills because she’s sick.

She’s taking them for contraceptive purposes.

‘Even though I don’t plan to have any children just yet, it would not be unacceptableto me if an accident were to happen.

However, is she so resistant to bearing a baby for me?’

Freyja saw him standing in place, looking a little bothered, paused for a bit, and then asked, “Whyare you looking at me like that?” Colton did not say anything, walked up to the couch, picked up his jacket, and left without uttering a single word.

He then slammed the door rather heavily.

Freyja frowned.

‘What’s with that bad temper of his again?’ At noon, Freyja went directly to the recording site of the show.

Daisie was sitting backstage and going through the manuscript while the makeup artist was applying her makeupfor her.

Freyja placed the coffee she had bought along the way on the counter.

Daisie lifted her head, looked at her in the mirror, and grinned.

“Did you bring me coffee?”.

“I was afraid you’d be drowsy after recording the show for so long.” She pulled out a chair and sat down.

Daisie responded, “It’s only going to take four hours.

It’s not too long.” The makeup artist left after putting on makeup for Daisie.

Daisie then took a sip of coffee and thought of something.

“Freyja, do you want a baby?” Freyja could not help but freeze in place and avoid her gaze subconsciously.

“Why would you ask me this all of a sudden?” Daisie did not tell her that she knew about the pills she was taking.

“I’m just curious.”

She lowered her gaze.

“I’m still young, so I’m not considering this for the time being.”

As soon as she answered the question, she looked at Daisie.

“What about you? You’ve gotten married to Nollace now, so I guess it’s about time, right?” Daisie’s cheeks flushed instantly,and she turned her face away.

“We haven’t even…”

Freyja was astounded.

“What!?” Daisie pursed her lips, feeling rather ashamed to be sharing this.

“Yeah, nothing has happened between the two of US yet.” Although nothing too explicit was brought up, Freyja had already guessed it.

She seemed surprised.

“Haven’t you guys gotten married officially?” Daisie nodded and lowered her gaze.

“Noilace is concerned about my career.” Freyja chuckled.

“Indeed, your career is ascending at the moment.

If you want to have kids, you’ll have to take a break for at least two tothree years.

And when you come back, you might not be able to maintain your current popularity.

However…” She paused for a few seconds and rubbed her chin.

“Even if you don’t want to have kids now, it’s not a reason for him to live like a monk, is it? Or isit because he’s lacking in that department?” “Noilace likes Daisie so much, to the extent that he would do anything to get her to get married to him.

As such, that shouldn’t be the case.

He can actually be that indifferent when the woman he loves is lying by his side every night?’ Daisie choked on her coffee, andher cheeks became even warmer than they already were.

“About that…

How would I know that?”

Freyja approached her.

“Do you love him?” She did not even hesitate before answering, “Of course!”

Freyja immediately suggested, “Then you shouldtake the initiative.” She wondered.

“How can I take the initiative?” As soon as Freyja whispered something to her in herear, Daisie was shocked, and her cheeks flushed even more.” No way! Must I do that?” Freyja smirked.

“If he can still maintain his composure, the only explanation will be that something’s wrong with him in that department.”

Daisie covered her warm cheeks and helda question in for a long time before she asked, “So do you do the same with Colton?” Freyja’s smile stiffened, and she got up.

“I’m not going to talk to you anymore.” She then went straight out.

Daisie laughed out loud.


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