The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1025

‘Hang on, it’s not my eyes!’
That’s because Alex Rockefeller sat facing the television on the edge of the bed. He wasn’t looking in the direction of the bathroom at all. Instead, he was listening with his ears.
‘Was it a hallucination? Or was it my own imagination?’ Alex wondered.
When Alex stood up, he noticed that the image of Phoebe Larsen showering had disappeared from his mind.
After that, he concentrated very hard while he looked at the bathroom wall. He wanted to see ifhe could really see through it, but it didn’t work at all.
The wall was still there, and so was the door. However, without any intention of making it happen, the image appeared in his mind once again.
Soon, Alex realized that it was his spiritual consciousness at work.
‘Oh my god. Does my spiritual consciousness have this kind of godlike effect?’
‘Wouldn’t this be… A perk from heaven?’ thought Alex.
Alex suddenly realized that his nose was really bleeding.
D*mn. Even when he saw someone naked in the flesh, he never had a nosebleed before. Indeed, peeking was more exhilarating.
To prove that the image he saw was real, Alex shouted in the bathroom’s direction. “Miss Larsen, are you done?”
“Huh? What did you say?” Phoebe replied.
“I can’t hear you clearly from inside here,” she shouted back.
Alex saw Phoebe stop moving while she cocked her head and shouted toward the outside of the bathroom.
Indeed, it was real.
Alex watched her a while longer. Finally, he felt that he had crossed the line. After all, she was a virgin, as well as the daughter of a wealthy magistrate. He quickly retracted his spiritual consciousness.
“Nothing. Go on!” Alex shouted. After that, he silently left the room.
He was a little worried. What if he couldn’t control himself after Phoebe had finished her shower, and she came out? What if he pounced on her?
A few minutes later, Phoebe was done bathing. She even deliberately put on a few layers before walking out of the bathroom. That’s because she was afraid that Alex might be tempted by her beauty and force himself upon her.
“I’m done. Can you come over and help me…”
“Huh? Where did he go?”
“Just as I thought, he disappeared without saying a word!”
Phoebe sat on the bed. Although relieved, she somehow felt a sense of disappointment. She began to seriously doubt her beauty and physique. Why did the jerk avoid her like that? Was she really that ugly?
Right then, her phone started ringing. It was a call from her father, Wayne Larsen.
“Phoebe, I heard something happened to you in California. You were nearly kidnapped. How are you now? Are you hurt?” Wayne asked.
When Phoebe heard her father’s deep and concerned voice, tears rolled down her cheeks with no respite. “I’m alright. It’s nothing serious.”
Phoebe was afraid that her father would be worried.
“That’s good. I’ve also heard that an elder from Divine Constabulary saved you. Are you friends?” Wayne asked.
“Huh? Is that jerk an elder from Divine Constabulary?” Phoebe asked.
Michigan’s magistrate was shocked by the nickname his daughter gave that man. His face turned dark. With his position, Wayne naturally didn’t need to befriend an elder from Divine Constabulary. However, he and Zachary Xavier had been friends for many years. Earlier, when Zachary called him on the phone, he revealed some information to Wayne. Zachary had told Wayne that this elder was very powerful and that his martial arts level was even higher than Zachary’s.
Wayne knew Zachary very well. Wayne was a half-stepped Grandmaster.


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