The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1026

Since Alex Rockefeller was superior to Zachary Xavier, didn’t that make Alex a Grandmaster?
He was a young Grandmaster!
Even if Wayne Larsen was not someone from the martial arts realm, he knew that Grandmasters couldn’t be insulted. One would be killed for insulting a Grandmaster.
Hence, Wayne instantly appeared angry. “Phoebe, this is a serious warning. You mustn’t be disrespectful toward Mr. Rockefeller. Moreover, you are not to address him as a jerk. Otherwise, even I can’t save you… Now, is Mr. Rockefeller there?” Wayne asked.
Phoebe Larsen had never seen her father this angry. She felt aggravated.
“How am I supposed to know where he’s gone? I was taking a shower earlier, and I asked him to wait for me. But, he sneaked away. What a jerk…” Phoebe said.
“Where are you?” Wayne asked.
“I’m at a hotel!” Phoebe answered.
Wayne connected the dots on his own. He was immediately startled.
An image of a man waiting outside the bathroom while his daughter showered inside appeared in his mind. Any father would feel aggrieved at the thought that the daughter he had put in so much effort to raise was stolen by someone else.
“Is he… Your boyfriend?” Wayne asked.
“Huh? Dad, what are you saying? Of course not! I wouldn’t have any interest in him! He’s my best friend’s boyfriend,” Phoebe said.
“Then, why did you shower in front of him..?” Wayne said.
“Dad, what are you thinking? Who showered in front of him? My leg was injured. I was afraid I might slip and fall in the shower. That’s why I asked him to sit outside just in case I got into an accident and couldn’t reach anyone. Who knew he’d sneak away? Such an irresponsible man,” Phoebe said.
Wayne had a sullen expression on his face.
‘My dearest daughter, aren’t you a little too reckless? You asked your best friend’s boyfriend to wait outside for you while you showered. What if he had bad intentions? Fortunately, Mr. Rockefeller is a man of integrity. Otherwise, you’d have no idea what would have happened to you.’ Wayne thought to himself.
After talking for a while, Wayne asked Phoebe to stay in the hotel and not go anywhere. He then sent his bodyguard to pick her up.
That said, Alex left with a strong sense of curiosity about spiritual consciousness. Immediately, he started experimenting.
While he was in the elevator, he happened to meet a young woman in a black dress.
He immediately tried to use his spiritual consciousness. In the end, he discovered that his spiritual consciousness was like his eyes. He could sense it moving in whichever direction he wanted it to. Soon, he was able to see through the young woman’s dress…
‘Uhm, this woman isn’t wearing anything inside. She’s so hot! I wonder where she’s headed to at this hour of the night?’ Alex thought.
Later, Alex passed by a lottery retailer. He deliberately entered to buy a few lottery tickets.
He wanted to try using his spiritual consciousness to see the results, but it didn’t work!
It wasn’t that he couldn’t see anything at all. Instead, it just wasn’t very clear. It’s like putting a phone screen too close to one’s eyes. What could a person see at such a close distance?
Hence, perceiving with his spiritual consciousness required a certain distance.
On the other hand, he also found out that his spiritual consciousness had a limited distance through testing. He could probably only probe within a span of five meters, and there was a standard error of about ten centimeters. It differed according to the level of strength of his spiritual consciousness.
Even so, Alex still felt overjoyed.
In the blink of an eye, the next day had arrived.
Carey Stoermer and Xyla Stoermer came to the villa. Carey even personally prepared a lot of food for breakfast.
“My dear son-in-law, try this egg and cucumber sandwich I made. There are also pancakes, red bean soup, and hemp balls. Oh, right. Here’s some freshly ground soymilk!”
“You’ve been working hard at making pills for the past few days. Look at you. Your face has gotten thinner. My heart aches at the sight of you like this!” Carey exclaimed.
Carey’s caring attitude made Alex sigh once again at the thought of Madame Claire Ass*x’s cold demeanor. Even if it was just for the delicious breakfast, Alex was determined never to lose such a good mother-in-law!
Right then, a car approached the villa.
The richest man in West California, Frederick Duncan, had come to visit.


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