The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1927

Chapter 1927 Daisie burst into laughter and played the video recording that she recorded on her phone to Susan. “I wonder what Mitchell willthink when he sees this?” Susan’s expression changed instantly, and she rushed forward to snatch the phone.

Daisie stepped back and put her hands behind her back.

Susan threw herself into nothing and growled unwillingly, “Daisie Vanderbilt! How could you treat me likethis? I’ve already begged you in such a manner! What do you want from me!?”.

Daisie took back the phone and glanced at her.

“Are you really begging me? You’re only forced to beg me because I caught you in the act, isn’t that right?”Susan’s eyes turned bloodshot.

“What’s the difference? Daisie Vanderbilt, I’ve been shelved by Zestar and have reached this point in my life.

What else do you want me to do?” “Yeah, you’ve reached this point, but you still refuse to stop.” Daisie laughed.

“Then why should I do as you wish?” She walked to the desk and called the front desk on the landline.

Susan’s face turned pale, and she dashed over, intending to stop her.

Daisie pushed her away with one hand, and Susan lost her balance and fell to thefloor.

Daisie said something to the front desk, hung up the call, and looked at Susan, who looked embarrassedand flustered.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s you or Mitchell.

You can forget about getting your hands on any information about my husband.

I don’t care if you’ve been shelved or banned by the whole entertainment industry, I have only three words for you, and that’s…

You deserve it!” Susan was trembling with anger and was at a loss.

Billy quickly went upstairs with a few security guards and arrived at the door.

And he really found an “outsider” in the studio.

The guards took Susan out of the room, and Billy was startled.

“It’s you?” Daisie stood at the door and said, “Susan snuck into Tenet and tried to steal from my studio.

Fortunately, I didn’t lose anything of great importance.

Taking Ms.

Notch’s reputation into consideration, there’s no need to report this incident to the police just hand her back to Zestar and let themhandle the rest of the matter.” The guards took Susan away.

Seeing this, Billy felt puzzled.

“What did Susan come to your studio to steal?” She replied, “It’s information about my husband.”

Billy was surprised butdid not utter a single word.

‘Every media outlet is curious about Daisie’s man, but Susan did not only sneak into Tenet but also snuck into Daisies studio, and she’s done all that just toget her hands on some information about Daisie’s man?’ “By the way, Mr.

Gray, can you do me a favor?” asked Daisie.

Billy asked, “What’s that?” Daisie sent the video that she had recorded to Billy.” Please help mebring this video to Mr.


He’ll take care of the rest.” Billy received it from her, watched it, and nodded.

On the other side of town, in the Seaview Villa…

When Freyja woke up, it was already 9:00 a.m.

She turned to look at the vacant space beside her and thought Colton had already left for work.

She got up to get a glass of warm water and opened the drawer of the bedside table to get the box of medicine.

As soon as she took the pill, she noticed Colton had appeared at the door at some point in time.

“Are you sick?” She was frightened and almost choked on the pill, so she quickly took a gulp of water, swallowed it, andturned to look at him in surprise.

“You actually haven’t left?”

Colton crossed his arms and stared at her.

“You want to drive me away?” Freyja did not say a word, quietly shoved the box of medicine back into the drawer, and got out of bed.

“Who in the world can do that to you?”.

He approached her and placed the back of his hand on her forehead.

This move left her in a daze.

He then frowned.

“It doesn’t look like you’re sick either.” Freyja was at a loss for words.

She lowered her head and looked away.


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