The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1028

When Alex Rockefeller heard that, he did a double take at Zander Magellan. “So, you’re someone from the Witch Doctor Sect.”
Zander snickered. “Kid, stop acting. You speak as if you know the Witch Doctor Sect. I can guarantee that you don’t even know where the Witch Doctor Sect is.”
Waltz Fleur couldn’t help but step forward. “Old man, stop acting as if you’re wiser just because you’re older. You think the Witch Doctor Sect is so great. Who wants to know which pit of a mountain the Witch Doctor Sect is in? However, I have seen the young master of the Witch Doctor Sect. Is his name Levi Bayer?”
Zander was shocked. “How did you know about Levi Bayer?”
“Are you deaf? I said we met them before. He even lost to my senior a few days ago. Oh, right. He’s pregnant now. Since you’re from the Witch Doctor Sect, you should hurry up and look for him. Perhaps, you might even get to help with his delivery!” Waltz said.
“You… You’re practically spewing nonsense! Our young master is a guy,” Zander said.
“Who said men couldn’t get pregnant?” Waltz asked and started to giggle.
After that, she whispered something in Daya Stoermer’s ear. Daya then relayed the message to Xyla Stoermer and Carey Stoermer. The women all had odd expressions upon their faces.
This made Zander very uncomfortable.
However, Zander wasn’t a core disciple of the Witch Doctor Sect. He was only a disciple of one of the Witch Doctor Sect’s doctors. Zander learned from his master for a few years. After his master died, he didn’t keep in contact with the Witch Doctor Sect. Hence, he didn’t know about Levi Bayer’s current condition at all.
At this moment, Xyla glared coldly at Frederick Duncan. “Are you the head of West California’s Duncan family? Did you bring a weird doctor here to humiliate Alex? You have one minute to get out of there. Otherwise, you will never be able to leave.”
After hearing this, Frederick’s facial expression changed drastically. He really hated Zander right now.
Frederick had personally witnessed Master Rockefeller’s might. Moreover, after returning home, he also found out from Yone Duncan and Yannis Duncan that Alex could manipulate the Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six through the air to instantly kill thirty one Mystic rank martial artists. Since the miraculous incident, he thought of Alex as a god-like figure, and he tried using whatever means possible to get close to Alex.
Now, because of Zander, his plan was completely ruined.
Most importantly, his advanced cancer hadn’t been cured yet. As such, he would very soon die!
The thought of life and death made him even more furious.
Despite being of old age, Frederick raised his hand and slapped Zander hard across the face. “Mallegan, you piece of sh*t. What did I tell you before? I told you to follow along so that you could explain my condition to Master Rockefeller. I didn’t ask you to come and mess things up. Do you think you’re all that great? To me, you are no different from a family doctor. Apologize on your knees to Master Rockefeller right away. Otherwise, I’ll shut your National Medical Center down. I’m capable of doing that, ” Frederick said.
‘What?’ Zander was stunned.
He had never expected Frederick to say such things. Why did Frederick believe in this young man so much?
However, Zander couldn’t refuse. If he did, the National Medical Center would definitely close down. National Medical Center was his life’s work.
Despite being much older, Zander had to hold back his anger and kneel in front of Alex.
However, Xyla was still counting down. “You have five seconds left! Are you going to get lost or not?”


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