The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1029

Frederick Duncan’s aged face was as ugly as it could be. Frederick had advanced gastric cancer. It was not easy for him to meet a god-like figure such as Master Rockefeller. It was akin to finding a ray of light in the darkness that was life, and it was also the last bit of hope he could cling onto. As the richest man in West California, his net worth was about trillions.
Naturally, he didn’t want to die so soon. If he could extend his life with money, he’d be willing to use up half of his family fortune!
“Three! ”
With Xyla Stoermer counting down, Frederick was running out of time.
Frederick looked at Alex Rockefeller with a panicked expression upon his face. However, he discovered that Alex was sitting on the stool, only caring about eating the food on the table. It seemed as if Alex had already silently agreed to what Xyla said. Meanwhile, the destruction of the Johansson family was still fresh in Frederick’s mind.
Frederick gritted his teeth and knelt too.
“Master Rockefeller, I know I’m at fault, but you’ve personally promised to cure me of my cancer. You can’t go back on your words!” Frederick exclaimed.
He was making a bet on the fact that, since Alex had become an expert at such a young age, he’d be too young and vigorous to withstand the taunting.
Frederick was threatening Alex with his reputation in hopes that he could achieve his objective. Otherwise, Frederick wouldn’t be able to survive more than two months.
Alex took a sip of soymilk.
At first, Alex had decided to cure Frederick of his illness. However, the things this old man said made Alex unhappy. Alex glanced at Frederick indifferently. “Head of Duncan family, are you threatening me?”
Frederick lowered his head. “I wouldn’t dare! I believe you are a man of your words. Besides, I’m willing to offer 300 billion as a gift of thanks for saving me, Master Rockefeller!”
300 billion!
When Frederick mentioned this figure, never mind Zander Magellan, even Xyla Stoermer gasped in surprise.
To many people, this was an astronomical amount of money as a reward.
Even a shameless person like Madame Claire Ass*x was willing to worship Alex for the rest of her life for the sake of ten billion dollars. Even if it were someone else, who would be able to pass up such a huge temptation? It was likely that over 90% of people would be willing to do so.
The remaining 10% of people were probably all rich folks.
When Frederick heard the women’s surprised gasps, he instantly felt happy on the inside.
He secretly chuckled coldly. ‘Indeed, I can do anything with money. I don’t care if you are martial arts experts or Cultivation Gurus, or even some Immortal Doctor. Before my massive wealth, you’re all trash! All of you are my slaves!’ Frederick thought.
However, right then, Frederick heard Alex’s voice. “300 billion? Do you think my medical skills are only worth 300 billion? Originally, I had already prepared to give you the pill for your advanced cancer. Look, this is the pill!”
Alex then walked over to the wine cabinet and retrieved a small porcelain bottle. “This is called a rejuvenation pill. I recently succeeded in refining it. After eating this, never mind advanced cancer; even if you have one foot in the coffin, it could still save you! However, with your attitude in seeking medical treatment, I’ve changed my mind. I’ll coin a popular term these days. My medical skills aren’t that cheap!” Alex said.
With that, Alex placed the pill in front of Carey Stoermer.
“Auntie, take this pill! Do it right now!” Alex said.
“Huh?” Carey froze for a moment. “But I’m not sick!”
“This pill can cure illnesses and also strengthen one’s body if you’re not ill. Oh, right. I forgot to say. The rejuvenation pill has another effect. It allows one to become ten years younger! That means that you can become ten years younger, Auntie,” Alex said.
“Huh? Is this kind of magical effect possible?” Xyla also exclaimed.
“You’ll see it later.” Alex chuckled.
Daya Stoermer completely believed in Alex. “Mom, take it. I’d like to see how you look if you were to be ten years younger. Perhaps, you might even look younger than me,” Daya instantly said.


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