The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1931

Chapter 1931 Nollace returned to Taylorton. A pungent smell hit him once he entered the villa. He frowned and headed straight toward the kitchen after removing his shoes.

The kitchen was filled with thick smoke , and the smell was pungent, but the kitchen hood wasn’t turned on.

Daisie stood there and coughed while she was frantically walking around and trying to solve the problem.

Noilace’s face dropped, and he immediately pulled her out of the kitchen.

He then immediately switched on the hood and turned off the fire.

Daisie stood there, stunned, her face covered in grease.

He stood in the kitchen and cleared up the countertop.

Daisie grew more anxious because he was quiet.

She lowered her head and bit her lip.

“I’m sorry, I was trying to make dinner.” Nollace took a deep breath , turned around, and calmly looked at her.

“You don’t need to make dinner.” Daisie looked up but didn’t speak.

He stopped in front of her, raised his hand, and wiped the grease off her face.

“You won’t listen.

You would have blown the kitchen up if I came home a little later.”

She turned away and pouted.

“I was just trying to make dinner, but you are more concerned about the kitchen blowing up.” She removed the apron and tossed it away.

“You just don’t understand!” Noilace was surprised , looking at her puffed-up cheeks, and burst out laughing.

“I’m not worried about the kitchen blowing up.

I’m worried that you’ll be hurt.” Daisie pressed her lips together and lowered her gaze.” We were supposed to have dinner until I messed it up.

We should order takeout.” 1111 11 L Noilace touched her face.

“We don’t need to get takeout when I’m here.” L

In just 20 minutes, he was able to get the kitchen back to how itwas and even made a warm meal.

Daisie looked at the meal on the table and admitted that he had learned their cuisine quickly.

Noilace got some soup for her.

“If you really want to do something for me, you don’t need to cook.

Just stay by my side.”

She looked at him.

“That’s all?”

He nodded and looked into her eyes.

“That would make me happy.” Daisie was surprised and had to look away.

Her plan was to prepare his favorite food, then follow what Freyja taught her.

Now the dinner was a bust, so she only had the final part of the plan, and she didn’t know if itwas going to work.

Seeing how she zoned out, Noilace looked at her and asked, “What’s on your mind?” She looked around and ate her soup.

“Nothing.” Daisie took longer than usual to finish her meal.

Noilace had finished but didn’t rush her.

“I’m going to the study.

Let me do the dishes when you’re ready.” He got up and went upstairs.

Daisie finished her food quickly, rushed to the bedroom, and took out the nightgown she had gotten from the mall.

Looking at the thin lace dress, she hesitated.

“That’s all the cloth!?’ LL LU She stood in front of the mirror, held the gown in front of her, and then started blushing.

The dress was too steamy! She picked up her phone and texted Freyja.

Daisie: (Is this going to work? The dress is too s*xy!)

Freyja: (It’s supposed to be s*xy.)

Daisie: [What if he gets angry?] Freyja: […The sooner he finds out, the better.] Daisie tossed her phone aside, took a deep breath, and went into the bathroom with it.

In the study, the warm light shone on the velvet carpet.


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