The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1030

“How could that be possible?” Carey Stoermer asked. However, Carey still took out the rejuvenation pill, opened her mouth, and swallowed it.
Meanwhile, Daya Stoermer immediately took out her phone to snap photos of Carey.
Soon after Carey ate the rejuvenation pill, she started to feel her body heating up all over. Her back became sweaty, and her face that already had a rosy complexion turned even redder. After a minute, her stomach started growling. Carey then pressed her hand against her belly with reddened cheeks. “Oh, dear. My stomach is aching a little. I… I want to go to the restroom.”
Zander Magellan stood up and sneered. “Hmph! What rejuvenation pill is this? I think it’s just poison! Do you really think you are an Immortal Doctor? If some medicine isn’t used correctly for its corresponding illness, it becomes poison. Besides, we don’t even know where this medicine came from. I reckon it’s better to send her to the hospital for emergency rescue. If we delay any further, I’m afraid it might be too late,” Zander said.
Waltz Fleur and Xyla Stoermer both looked a little worriedly at Alex Rockefeller.
Alex chuckled softly. “Your body is absorbing the nutrients from this pill, Auntie, and it’s helping you to discharge toxins and impurities in your body. Don’t worry. Go to the restroom. Perhaps, you might even need to take a shower later, ” Alex said.
Carey couldn’t hold it in any longer. When she heard this, she quickly pressed her legs together as she hopped and rushed to the restroom.
“I studied under my master in the Witch Doctor Sect for five years. After that, I specialized in medical science for fifty three years. I have also done a little research on pill making. However, I’ve never heard about a pill that could make someone ten years younger or cure advanced cancer. If it really does exist, it’s a godly pill,” Zander said.
“That just means you’re ill informed and narrow minded,” Alex said.
After that, Xyla wanted to kick the two men out again.
“Just let them stay. You’re a disciple of the Witch Doctor Sect, aren’t you? Well then, keep your eyes wide open. I’ll let you witness the effects of the godly pill you mentioned,” Alex said.
After that, a few of them started to eat once again. They completely ignored Frederick Duncan and Zander.
By then, Frederick had also stood up. He had a complicated expression upon his face.
Before thirty minutes passed, Carey came out from the room Daya normally stayed in. She had already changed her outfit.
While Carey walked over, she had a bright smile upon her face. She was trotting gracefully along. Clearly, she had already looked in the mirror.
“Oh my god!” Daya was the first one to hop onto her feet. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Carey seemed more than ten years younger. She practically looked like Daya’s age. “Are… Are you really my mother?” Daya asked.
“I’m not your mother. I’m your older sister!” Carey said cheekily.
“My good son-in-law, your pill truly is magical. It’s like a godly pill. I looked in the mirror earlier, and I feel like I’ve returned to the time when I was a teenager,” Carey said chirpily.
Xyla nodded. “Sister-in-law, you now seem to be around Daya’s age. I really didn’t expect such a miraculous pill to exist.”
Zander, on the other hand, seemed extremely shocked.
Meanwhile, Frederick was feeling immensely remorseful.
Due to a single misstep, Frederick had missed a great opportunity!
The biggest mistake Frederick made was to bring Zander to meet Alex.
Frederick and Zander were both very old, and their physical characteristics were deteriorating. They had trouble walking sometimes, and they were even slower than young people when they went to the restroom. On top of that, their hearing and sight had also worsened. There was a lot of inconvenience in the lives of such old people. They could only dream of being ten years younger.
“Do you have any more of this kind of pill?” Zander asked.
Frederick was even more straightforward. “I’m willing to purchase it with 500 billion,” he said.
Alex glanced at these two people. “I don’t care about my reputation at all. Get lost!”


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