The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1934

Chapter 1934 After Colton left the other morning angrily, he never showed up. She didn’t know why he came to see her.

They walked to the corridor, and Freyja stopped.

“Can I help you?” Colton took a deep breath, turned to look at her, and finally spoke after a long pause.

“Stop taking birth control after this.”

Freyja was surprised.

’Did he find out?’ What did he mean by that? Was he trying to get her pregnant? Colton was silent for a while, then added, “I’ll take precautions.” Freyja froze and looked around nervously.

“Colton, are you alright? You came all the way here to talk about this?” He wasn’t shy about it.

“Are you afraid that someone will hear US?” She smirked.

“Do you think I’m as shameless as you are?” Colton suddenly walked closer to her and pressed his palms on the wall behind her.

“Freyja, I’m asking you a very serious question.” Freyja looked at him and was curious.

He slowly parted his lips.

“Do you not want children because we’re not officially together?” 1

He could understand if thatwere the case because they were in a complicated situation.

They could just get into a relationship.


Freyja took a deep breath.

“Colton, do you think that that’s the reason?” He frowned and didn’t speak.

She poked his shoulder.

“Would you make it official if I got pregnant accidentally? Do you think I would try to get to abetter position if I were pregnant?” Colton frowned.

“Is that how you think of me?” “When you’re bored, that might be how you think.” Freyja was going to push him away when he grabbed her by hershoulders.

“Freyja , you started playing with my feelings.

“You didn’t turn me away three years ago but blocked me without saying anything.

Who am I to you?” His eyes were filled with anger, and he was ready to bring back what hadhappened in the past.

Freyja pressed her lips together and stared at him.

“You left without a word.

Wasn’t that implying that it was just a one night stand?”

He stuttered.


that was—.”

She continued.

“Did you expect me to still contact you and reach out to ask about our relationship ? Youknow that I wouldn’t do that, and even if I did, what would the answer be? 1 1 “I didn’t want to hear all the sarcastic remarks and terrible things coming from you.

I know my place and don’t care about labels because once you’re married, our relationship will end.”


Freyjastruggled out of his grasp and left.

Colton froze on the spot because that was the first time he felt so helpless.

His phone rang, and it was Leonardo who told him that Nollace was waiting for him in his office.

He hung up and left.

A crew member who was hiding in the alley to smoke was so shocked he overheard asecret conversation that he forgot to smoke.

Freyja, isn’t that Daisie’s assistant? ‘Coleman Goldmann has a secret relationship with the assistant! That is big news!’

At Blackgold…

Noilace sat on the couch and slowly sipped his tea.


showed up not long after that.

He walked to Noilace and sat across from him.

“Yes?” Noilace continued drinking tea while he raised his brows.


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