The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1935

Chapter 1935 “Hah, you came to me before I even went to see you.” Colton looked around and crossed his legs. “Yanis wasa tech company that you used Donald’s share to set up, right? You hid it very well.” Nollace ran his fingers over the rim of the cup.

“It’s just a small company, so there is nothing to shout about.” 12

Colton crossed his arms.

“Would it still be considered small if it had a shareholder from such a big group?”


Hethen stared at Noilace.

“What’s your intention behind using someone else’s name to partner up with Blackgold?” “I have no special intentions.” Noilace raised his brows and chuckled.

“People say that you need to be very careful when working with the Goldmanns.

I’m just doing my due diligence.” Colton squinted, trying to guess if he was telling the truth Noilace placed the cup down.

“I didn’t come here about that today.” Colton looked at him.

“Get to the point.” “Donald is still alive and is very possibly trying to find out where I am.

I can’t expose myself in Bassburgh, but to be safe, you should send people to quietly protect your sister.”

The Goldmanns had ahuge influence in Bassburgh, and even if Donald was able to track Noilace here, it wouldn’t be smart for him to challenge them.

Since Donald was hiding in the shadows, they had to be extra careful.

He could ignore his safety but couldn’t put Daisie in danger because of his negligence.

Colton frowned.

“Isn’t Donald dead?” “That was the rumor, but his body was never found, so there’s a huge chancethat he’s still alive.” Noilace’s eyes gaze was sharp.

“I’ve been trying to locate him for the past two years, but I’ve just recently found some information.”


He slowly got up.

“I’ve warned you.” Colton raised his brow as he watched him leave.

That was why Noilace never exposed his actual identity, even after being in Bassburgh for so long.

He was trying to cover his tracks.

Noilace’s power was mostly in Yaramoor.

He came over for Daisie , so he had probably not brought a lot of people with him.

He informed Colton about the information just to be careful.

He would be able to carry out his mission if the Goldmanns were protecting Daisie.

He had to take precautions and find a foolproof plan for Daisie’s sake, but what about himself?

Colton stared at the cup of tea with a stoic expression.

He would never think of protecting anyone other than his family, but now, if anything happened to Freyja, he would probablythink the same way as Noilace did.

The next day, the rumor about Colton and Daisie’s assistant surfaced, but it was covered up after a few minutes.

Since it was quickly covered up, nobody noticed it.

Giselle sat on the couch and enjoyed her coffee while her phone showed that she was on a call on loudspeaker.” Ms.

Peterson, I’ve removed all news about Mr.


Nothing would be able to spread.” “Thank you.” She hung up.

The findings of a private investigator she had hired and the rumors were the same.

Colton had spent some time in a hotel with a woman.

The private investigator had gotten hold of the hotel’s security footage, and she had seen the woman in the video before

Coleman has beenin a relationship with that woman for a while now “That’s why Coleman found an excuse when the woman left the dining table that day and left too.’ Giselle pressed her lips together, and after a moment, she picked up her phone and called Colton.


Goldmann, I need to speak to you.” At a high-end restaurant…


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