The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1032

Although his master was dead, he would return to Witch Doctor Sect once a while to participate in some grand celebrations whatsoever. Hence, he also made a few friends. Now, he was making a call to a person in Witch Doctor Sect all year round.
“What? The young master is pregnant? Old Zander, do you have a loose screw? A young master is a man. How could he be impregnated?”
“But, Master Bayer brought back a pregnant woman. I heard that the fetus inside this woman’s belly is very strange. It couldn’t be aborted at all.”
Zander was not interested in the pregnant woman who was brought back by Levi Bayer. After acquiring the definite answer, he laughed heartily. He turned to Frederick and said, “Old Fred, I’ve already asked about it. That brat is just nothing but nonsense. Our young master couldn’t be better. Nothing has happened to him at all.”
Under Zander’s various inducements, Frederick gradually began to doubt Alex. He wondered if Alex had deceived him. After all, there was really no precedent for the treatment of late-stage gastric cancer in the world. Moreover, Alex was too young.
In Witch Doctor Sect, the sect master Gunni Bayer had a sullen face. A pile of data was placed in front of him, information about Alex Rockefeller in them.
His son, Levi was sitting to his right.
His distended belly had already returned to normal now compared to several days ago, but his resentment toward Alex did not reduce the slightest. On the contrary, it had become even more intense.
Gunni threw the pile of data at Levi. “Just read it!”
After Levi finished reading it, he asked with a surprised expression, “Are these data real? This Rockefeller guy was still a useless son-in-law a few months ago. He has actually soared this far now?”
Gunni said, “There’s definitely no problem with the data. I asked Granny Wich to investigate it. She’s the most informed person in our Witch Doctor Sect, and her information channel is very reliable.”
“But, he didn’t know any medical skills three months ago!”
“That could only explain one thing. This guy had just gotten a chance encounter some time ago. Regardless of the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell or the other medical skills, they are all from our Immortal Doctor’s Legacy. Based on this, I have the reason to believe that he had acquired the legacy from the Immortal Doctor, Guilherme Extraordinaire.”
“Huh? So, you are saying that he’s really an Immortal Doctor?”
Gunni let out a cold snort. “The Immortal Doctor’s Legacy has always been inherited by our Witch Doctor Sect for the past several thousands of years. The medical doctor of the previous generation, Guilherme, was the traitor to our Witch Doctor Sect. He was expelled from Witch Doctor Sect and took away the Legacy. We have the responsibility to get it back.”
“Dad, what do you mean?”
“He has just acquired the Legacy, and his foundation is still weak. There’s still time for us to snatch it back from him.”
Levi was startled. “How do we snatch it? As far as I know, Immortal Doctor’s Legacy is like the divine enlightenment in Buddhism. It’s instilled into one’s consciousness right away. We can’t possibly switch his mind with mine, right?”
Gunni said, “The Legacy of our Witch Doctor Sect has been passed down for several thousands of years. How many stunning geniuses have appeared in the sect? Could it be that you think the title of the witch doctor is just for show?” Of course, there are some mystical means, but don’t you worry. As long as that guy comes to our Witch Doctor Sect, I’ll have a way to allow you to steal his Legacy.”
“Alright, thanks, Dad.”
“But, we still need one item, that’s the Jade of Origin from the Legacy of the witch doctors. The information carried by Granny Wich is still limited. I want you to head to California. Keep a close watch on this guy and find out the source of the Legacy acquired by him. Most importantly, bring back the Jade of Origin from the Legacy. I’ll get the Four Great Ghost Servants to accompany you.”
Levi’s eyes glistened. What he wanted the most was revenge. He was very confident with the help of the Four Great Ghost Servants.
Besides, he said, “Dad, that Carol Rockefeller used to be a family with that Rockefeller guy. If we could get through her, we could get twice the result with half the effort.”
Gunni said, “Let’s go see her right now.”


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