The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1936

Chapter 1936 Soon, Colton and Leonardo appeared after Giselle had waited for a while.

He pulled the chair and sat down. “Is thereanything I can help you with, Ms.


Giselle handed the tablet to him.

On the screen, there was a screenshot of the news that happened not long ago.

He took over the tablet, and his gaze turned cold.

Before he could say anything, Giselle looked at him and said, “Luckily, I noticed it sooner and got someone to put down the news.

I know this will negatively affect you if it gets spread out.” Colton narrowed his eyes.

“It seems to me that you’re very into this kind of news, Ms.


Giselle was stunned.

She lowered her head and asked,” You think I’m the one who did it?”

“Nope,” Coltonreplied as he placed the tablet on the table, “Anyway, thank you for helping me to remove the news, Ms.

Peterson.” If his relationship with Freyja got out, she might avoid him even more to prevent herself from getting into bigger trouble

Giselle grinned athim on the surface, but she was disappointed inwardly.

She could sense Colton was lying when he said he did not suspect her.

Jf she really wanted to do it, she would have spread the news even further when she noticed it.

However, she would never do that.

Besides, she had her own agenda for withdrawing the news too.

“She’s the girl you like, right?” Colton froze for a moment.

His pupils shifted, but he did not say anything Even though he did not say anything, he had already answered the question.

Giselle smiled.

“If that is the case, then I guess it’s unnecessary for me to remove the news.” He put the cup down andsaid, “I owe you one, Ms.

Peterson, so I’m buying you a meal this time.” “Okay,” replied Giselle.

While they were eating, they talked about their work most of the time.

Giselle was smart.

She wouldn’t ask anything that he did not want to talk about.

She could see that Colton did not like to talk very much, especially when it came to things about him.

After they finished their lunch, they left the restaurant and ran into James and another woman in front of the elevator

Even though James was wearing a hat, hisflashy clothing had sold him out.

The woman standing next to him was none other than Freyja , and both of themwere waiting for the elevator.

When Giselle saw them, she turned her head to look at Colton.

Colton squinted and fixed his gaze on Freyja.

The door of the elevator opened up, and both of them walked into it.

Colton took a few quick steps toward the elevator, and Freyja was stunned at his sudden appearance when the door was about to close.

Colton stepped into the elevator first, and Giselle followed him.

Giselle looked at Freyja and nodded at her with a smile on her face.

Freyja lowered her head and clenched her fists tightly.

James was surprised to see them as he said, “Ms, Peterson, Mr.

Goldmann? What a coincidence.” Giselle maintained the smile on her face as she replied,” Yeah, it’s really such a coincidence.”

The elevator stopped at acertain floor, and a few more people came in The spacious area was instantly filled with people.

Suddenly, Freyja felt someone scratching her palm.

She knew who it was without looking.

She wanted to pull her hand away, but the other person did not allow her to.

None of the people in the elevator noticed that they had been holding hands.

When the elevator arrived on the first floor, Freyja shrugged him off and went out of the elevator with James.

Colton squinted and followed after them.

James walked toward his car in the parking lot and opened the door.

“I’m sure you’re going to Tenet, right? How about I give you a lift?” Freyja nodded.

She has come here to buy lunch for Daisie and had accidentally run into James.


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