The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1033

Ever since coming out of the Triangle River Delta Medical Exchange that day, Carol could not wait and had s*x with Levi. Of course, she was completely forced.
Was there any ordinary person who would be willingly impregnated with a haunting fetus?
Furthermore, the entire process in the car was accompanied by the old fart, Hosiah Qantas, because he must handle the casting of Grafting. After two full hours, the haunting fetus in Levi’s belly was successfully transferred into Carol’s belly.
At the time, she also thought that her belly would explode.
However, it did not happen.
Not only did it not explode, but she even felt the haunting fetus in her belly, just like an ordinary person bearing a child. She actually felt the fetal movement. She then did a medical check-up, and more even more bizarrely, the fetal heartbeat was detected.
The fetus in her belly was created out of nothing. It was just a matter of a few days. How could there be a fetal heartbeat?
At this moment, what made her fall apart more was that her belly was at its limit. A burst of immense pain came through. It was even bleeding down there.
Soon after, a short older man ran toward her.
At a glance, he actually said that she had gone into labor and was going to give birth to a baby.
“What the f*ck, I can’t believe it!” Carol broke down, shocked. She did not know what to do. Of course, she did not have to do anything.
The short older man brought a series of tools right away, preparing to help her deliver her baby. He even injected her with oxytocin to induce labor.
“Ahhh! ”
Soon after, Carol cried out loud in pain.
When Gunni and Levi came over, she let out the most terrible scream.
“The baby is going to be born so soon?” Gunni was a little surprised, yet he did not react too much. He only said, “I want to see what kind of thing she could give birth to, too. After all, I have never seen the combination of a haunting fetus and a human fetus.”
Levi was a bit shocked. “You are saying that she was really pregnant before this.”
Gunni said, “Of course!”
That short older man smiled enigmatically. “Young Master, it’s because I had put something inside her belly. Her fetus could only grow so fast under the influence of the haunting fetus. It will definitely be very wonderful when it’s born later!”
Carol was suffering from immense pain now, yet she was terribly scared.
She did not know what kind of thing she could give birth to. She was afraid that the thing born would be an ugly monster. She did not have the strength to give birth to the baby due to such a worry.
She begged. “Young Master Bayer, help me. It really hurts!”
Levi said, “How can I help you when you’re the one delivering the baby? I can’t help you. Your baby can’t be delivered via C-section.”
Gunni said, “You have to divert your attention for a bit to deliver this child successfully. Otherwise, you will die because of dystocia. Think about the person you hate the most and the thing that you want to get revenge on the most. Then, push hard.”
Upon hearing his words, Carol immediately thought of Alex Rockefeller. If it were not for Alex, she would not have suffered from such misery.
Then, she screamed like a lunatic, “Alex Rockefeller, I want you to be dead. I’ll definitely want you to die horribly. Wait for me. I’ll come after you soon! Not only will I kill you, but I also want to kill all the people that you care about. Hahaha!”
With her laughter, she successfully gave birth to a baby.
“Bwahaha, bwahaha!”
A stunning scene appeared.
The baby’s first cry was not the cry of normal babies, but it seemed like an ambiguity of crying and laughing. Furthermore, the voice did not sound like a child but of an older man.
Looking at the physical appearance, its limbs were healthy, and the facial features were also neat. However, wrinkles covered its body. It was particularly obvious on the face. It was a lively old man. Moreover, it had a tail!
“Congratulations, it’s a boy!” The peculiar old man smiled and said, “This tail here is because of the relatively short period of pregnancy. It’ll break gradually.”
Carol did not seem to be interested in the baby at all. She took a look at the baby. Their eyes met, but she could only feel the chills all over her body. As her soul trembled from the chill, she shouted, “Take him away, take him away. Hurry and take him away. He’s not my child, no…”
The old man said, “Why not? He’s your child. Moreover, how could he be taken away now? He has just been born. It’s about time to breastfeed him.”


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