The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1035

However, the Stoermers of Michigan had a differing view about marriage from the general public. What they accepted was the tradition that had been passed down since ancient times, to have multiple wives and concubines.
Besides, the Stoermers had already known a long time ago that an emotional foundation had been built between Waltz and Alex. In terms of deep affection, Daya was not as good as Waltz.
Carey said, “This room is indeed a little huge, but it’s kinda too strange to put two beds in it. How about we order a huge bed of five or six meters wide. When you have kids later, it won’t be crowded.”
Alex stared at Carey. He was overjoyed!
‘Oh, what a peerless, great mother-in-law! She has even prepared this kind of superb men’s welfare for me, sparing me from having to say it out loud.’
At this moment, Alex’s phone rang. At a glance, it was an unknown number. He casually picked up the call. To his surprise, Phoebe Larsen was on the other end of the phone.
“Hello, where are you now?”
When Alex heard her voice, he recalled the bathing scene of hers in the bathroom last night. Then, he quickly suppressed his thoughts and said, “Ms. Larsen, is there anything I can help you with?”
Phoebe said, “I’m going back to Michigan soon. Before I leave, I wish to meet you and thank you in person for your life saving grace, lest you turn around later and say I’m an ungrateful little woman with no conscience.”
Alex nonchalantly said, “I’ll accept your thanks, but there’s no need to meet up. I’m not free.”
The moment the three words ‘l’m not free’ were uttered, the flame of anger inside Phoebe’s heart well up again. ‘Could it be that I really don’t have the slightest charm? This man is driving me crazy!’
“Alright, it’s not like I want to meet you. I don’ t want to meet you either. It’s my mom who wants to meet you.”
Alex was about to refuse her right there and then. ‘I’m already upset to meet you, yet you want me to meet your mom as well? I’m overwhelmed.’
However, Phoebe’s words later made Alex change his mind. She said, “My mom said that she knew your dad! She has also seen you before!”
Feeling doubtful, Alex came to the windy pavilion by Willow Lake as decided with Phoebe.
He could see Phoebe with another woman from a far distance.
Motionless, the woman sat with a virtuous posture, looking at Willow Lake’s heaving and subsiding ripples.
“Mom, he’s here!” Phoebe said in a low voice when she saw Alex coming over. Only then did the woman retract her gaze and turned to Alex.
The moment their eyes met, Alex clearly felt the woman’s turbulent emotions, shock, anxiety, and there was some feminine shyness as well as a trace of unspeakable misery.
The woman looked in her early forties and was well maintained. Her skin was snow white like jade, and she had an oval face. Her facial features were exquisite, especially her pair of eyes that were unforgettable at first sight
“You are… Aunt Grace?” Alex felt a bit surprised and in disbelief. “You are Phoebe Larsen’s mom?”
He had a good memory and recalled many things at once. He remembered that he had accompanied his father, William Rockefeller, to Japan for a visit when he was a high school freshman. He met this woman then.
Alex still remembered that her last name was Larsen.
Her name was Grace Larsen.
However, he only cared about the fun of traveling and did not pay much attention to Grace back then. At that time, William also did not introduce her to him and just said that she was a friend. He did not cross paths with her again later.
Young Alex could not see the problem. However, he could see many details now.
Grace was a fighter, and her cultivation base was not basic. She had martial cultivation of Intermediate-Earth rank. It was already very terrific in America.
What made Alex’s heart thumped even more was… When Grace saw him, the look in her eyes seemed too complicated. It seemed like the joy and excitement beyond a wife’s words when she finally saw her husband coming home after waiting for him persistently.
However, this was too absurd.
“Alex, I didn’t expect you to have grown so much. You look just like your father. At first glance, I thought you were your dad, William Rockefeller!”


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