The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1036

Alex’s heart sank with restlessness.
Recalling the look in her eyes when she first saw him, he secretly thought, ‘It’s over. My dad was a Casanova. Could it be that he hooked up with this Aunt Grace as well? If that’s the case, it would be too embarrassing.’
‘Oh, that’s not right.’
‘Phoebe Larsen, she can’t be my dad’s offspring, right?’
For a brief moment, he actually had an illusion of becoming Giacomo Casanova.
On the other hand, Phoebe exclaimed, “Mom, you guys really know each other? That’s so strange. How did you meet his father?”
Alex was curious as well.
Grace said, “It’s a long story. Alex’s dad, William Rockefeller, was like an elder brother to me. He could be said to be my half master. My martial cultivation was actually passed down from Alex’s dad.”
As she spoke, she started reminiscing.
She then looked at Alex and turned to her daughter again. She smiled as she said, “Back then, it was a night with a bright moon on the sea. I was stranded on an isolated island with Bro William as well as several friends at the time. In our conversation, we even used to mention arranging a child betrothal for you both!”
Both Alex and Phoebe were stunned at the same time. Phoebe’s face flushed even more.
Alex asked, “Aunt Grace, could it be that you have met my dad ages ago?”
Grace nodded. “Indeed, when I met your dad, Phoebe was still in her first grade! In fact, your dad even hugged Phoebe before!”
“Huh? Why can’t I remember it?” Phoebe was extremely shocked.
“There was a tall uncle who gave you a present on your birthday that year. Do you still remember it?”
With that said, Phoebe really had a little impression of him. That uncle said that he was her mother’s colleague, and his gift was very special. It was a string of emerald rabbit necklace. Since she was born in the Rabbit Year, she had been wearing it later until she was in third grade where a car accident occurred. She was fine, but the emerald rabbit necklace was broken.
She even felt sad about this for a long time.
As the conversation went on, Alex and Phoebe found that the two of them actually had many interactions when they were very young.
For instance, Alex had a birthday present that was a sailing boat model. The words “Plain sailing” and “Bee” were also written on it. It was actually made personally by Phoebe when she was in sixth grade.
This predestined relationship was too deep!
Both of them were a little dumbfounded.
“But, I definitely didn’t expect that your dad passed away last year all of a sudden.” When Grace said this, she seemed mournful. She actually cried with her face covered. “If you hadn’t saved Phoebe this time, I wouldn’t have known this matter too. Bro William was a genius. How could he just… Because of an accident…”
Phoebe felt strange when she saw her mother referred to Alex’s father as ‘Bro William’ and even cried with her face covered because of William’s death.
After meeting Alex’s eyes, she let out a snort, as if she wanted to blame her mother’s crying on him.
Alex asked, “When was the last time you met my dad, Aunt Grace?”
Grace sighed. “That was already five years ago. I don’t know if your dad had told you before. Back then, we belonged to a certain hidden department. Your dad was hired externally and was our chief instructor at the time. Something happened later. That department was closed down. You dad and I also…”
Something had happened between Grace and William. They had stopped contacting each other after that. Now, he was unexpectedly separated from her in death forever.
At the windy pavilion, the talk lasted for two hours.
In the end, Grace said, “Alex, I can rest assured after seeing you with such a good prospect. Thank you again for saving my daughter. I hope you will visit my house in Michigan when you are free.”
Alex nodded nonchalantly.
At this moment, Phoebe took out a paper bag and handed it to Alex. “This is for you, as a repayment for your life saving grace.”
He opened it and took a look. It was a suit.
Before parting, Alex whispered to Phoebe, “Your dad, is he your biological dad?”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m a bit worried that you’re my biological sister.”


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