The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1941

Chapter 1941 Daisie thought of something and suddenly asked, “Mr. Johnson, do you know any director who directs suspense dramas or films?” He was startled.

(Why are you asking me this?” Daisie replied, “I have a friend who’s an author, and she’s very good at writing suspense novels

“Stopright there.” Charlie raised his hand to interrupt her.

“Daisie, it’s not that I want to make things difficult for you, but when most famous directors start a project based on a novel, they’llprefer more well-known novels that are intellectual properties.

Because apart from choosing a novel they like, they have to take the investors preferences into account, plus the potential profits, costs, and theeffects that the crew can bring to the audience through the camera.

“A film adaptation of a literary work isn’t something you can start just because you have the money to spend.

No director would want to invest so much effort into something that would lose money at the end of the day.”

Daisie pushed the script ofthe suspense drama that was set in the Victorian era to Charlie.

“How about this one? Just give it a read.” Charlie picked up the script and flipped through it.

Suddenly, he could not help but carefully think about the plot and went on to spend 30 minutes finishing the script.

“This script seems quite exciting, the plot is well interlocked, and the background of the story is set in the Victorian era, so when the thrilling suspense and themysterious background collide…

This is quite a fine storyline.” “To be honest, I really want to take on this script.

The original author of this draft is my friend, but her agency sold her copyright without heracknowledgment.

After another party bought her copyright, everything in the story was replaced, from the characters to the backgrounds of the story.

Her draft was then released as a later Victorian suspense novel series.” After Daisie said that, she lowered her gaze andcontinued.

“Although the copyright of this novel belongs to the author who bought the copyright later on, and this intellectual property is selling very well, the other partyearned all this honor only because of my friend.” Charlie lifted his gaze and glanced at her.

“So, are you trying to find a way to help your friend out?” She chuckled.

“I only don’t want her talent to go unrecognized.” “Who’s this friend of yours?” “Ah, you know her too.

She’s my assistant.”

Charlie was astonished.

Daisie returned to her studio, and as soon as she entered through the door, he saw Noilace sittingon the couch, waiting for her with his legs crossed.

He was dressed in a white shirt, and it made him exude an aura that resembled thatof a gust of night breeze as it felt sacred and inviolable.

She walked over with a smile.

“Why are you here?” He lifted his gaze, closed the magazine , placed it beside him, andpulled her closer to him.

“To see you.” Daisie sat on his thigh and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Did anyone see you?” Noilace paused for a split second and squinted slightly.

Daisie responded seriously, “You’re so good-looking! What if someone gets to see you and decides to become my love rival?”

He smirked and rubbed thetip of her nose.

“Are you afraid that I won’t be able to deal with those girls?”

“You won’t be able to dealwith all of them as soon as their number skyrockets.” After that, she let off a faint snort and turned her face away.

Noilace held the back of her hand, raised it, and pecked it.

“Daisie, will you blame me if I have to postpone our wedding ceremony temporarily?” She was stunned.


Noilace lowered his gaze.

“It’s not the right time for US to have a wedding ceremony now.

There are still things that I have to attend to.” Daisie looked at him for a moment and lowered her head.

“I’m not an unreasonable person.

If you can’t make it happen for the time being, then well just postpone it.” Still, a tinge of disappointment was inevitable.

Noilace rubbed her cheeks with his palms and kissed her on the forehead.

“As soon as I get rid of the issue, I’ll definitely give you a wedding ceremony of the century.” Daisie was astounded again and couldnot help but have an ominous feeling about Noilace.

“Noilace, what’s bothering you recently?” ! He took her into his arms, and his eyes dimmed.

“It’s not something that I can’t resolve.”.

Noilace left Tenet Media and got into the car.

Unfortunately, a man hiding in the distance quickly snapped a photo, and after hiding in the shadowsfor so long, he finally got a side profile.


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