The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1942

Chapter 1942 Meanwhile, at Blackgold… Leonardo handed Colton the copyright contracts of several books that they had signed with an oversea online novel platformcompany and asked with a puzzled tone,” Mr.

Goldmann, what do you plan to do with these contracts now that you’ve bought the copyrightsof all these books in one go?” He raised his gaze slightly.

“This is none of your business.

Just tell that company that since I’ve bought all the copyrights, they’re not allowed to abuse the hard work of the authors of these books in anyname.” Colton had made himself clear, so Leonardo did not dare to ask more and could only do as he ordered.

He walked out of the office and ran into Giselle at the elevator’s entrance.

Leonardo smiled and stepped forward.


Peterson.” Giselle had a few documents in her hand and nodded.” Mr.

Goldmann’s in, isn’t he?” “Yes, are you here to submit the reports? However, someone from the financedepartment will usually deliver them here, so you don’t have to do everything yourself.” Giselle was a financial supervisor intern, so she should not be the one who was in charge of such petty tasks as delivering documents.

Giselle replied with a smile, “It’s okay.

After all, I’m here to learn.

I can’t always trouble others with all sorts of tasks.” Leonardo left.

Giselle walked toward the administrative office with the documents, stared inward through the glass compartments, and saw Colton lookingdown as if he was reading something.

She knocked on the door, but Colton did not even raise his head.

“Come in.” Giselle pushed the door open, walked in, placed the documents on the desk, and was about to say something, but her gaze landed on thecopyright contract in his hand.

He even had a few more of them lying beside him.

“Do you like reading novels?” ‘He actually bought the copyright of the novels.’

“You can say that.” Hearing Giselle’s voice, Colton put the contractdown and picked up the documents that Giselle brought over.

“You’ve already gotten familiar with the finances of a company, so when do you plan to return to Cloud Capital Inc.?”

Giselle’s posturestiffened.

She forced a smile and asked,” Mr.

Goldmann, are you trying to chase me away?” LLLL Colton raised his head, looking rather indifferent.”Actually, Cloud Capital is a more suitable company for you to learn in compared to Blackgold.” Giselle froze in place and pursed her lips tightly.

I’ve always had an idea ever since Dad introduced me to Coleman, and that’s to be able to get close to Coleman.

‘I was the one who suggested sending myself to Blackgold to learn more about the management of a company.

On the surface, I’m here to learn finance management from a large company, but Cloud Capital was never a small company, to begin with.

So coming over to Blackgold is nothing but my own selfish thought.

‘But judging from his question, has he seen through my intentions?’ Giselle remained silent for a moment, then gave off afaint smile.

“It seems that you’re insisting on asking me to leave.” Colton sounded calm and polite.

“Don’t get me wrong, Ms.


I don’t mean to chase you away.

After all, you’re not Blackgold’s employee.

So allowing you to work at Blackgold is already the biggest concession that the company can make.

And now that you’ve gotten familiar with how things work, it’s only natural for you to return to Cloud Capital.”

His statement sounded very clearand straightforward.

It was not offensive but would not cause any misunderstanding at the same time.

But there was another meaning behind it, as he sounded rather vigilant.

However, Colton was the only one who knew whether he was worried about any leakage of the company’sinternal information or something else.

Giselle did not try to insist and gave off a slight nod.

“I understand.

Then I shall extend my appreciation for your care during this period of time.” She then left the office with her hands clenched tightly beside her.

After watching her leave, Colton lowered his gaze.

Although he should not doubt Giselle, he had to be cautious when he learned that his whereabouts had beenunder close watch recently.

At least, it was not the time to let the news about Freyja out.

In the afternoon.

Freyja successfully terminated her contract with the overseas online novel platform company but also lost her copyright.

Daisie was exasperated when she heard the news.

“This is

a straight-up robbery.


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