The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1037

Phoebe’s expression changed abruptly. “Impossible, absolutely impossible!”
“Hehe, I’m just saying. I, too, think it‘s impossible!” Alex smiled.
Phoebe stomped her feet. “Is the boat I gave you before still there?”
“That broken boat is so ugly…” Seeing Phoebe’s cold yet stern expression, he immediately said, “I think it’s still there!”
“Now we’re talking! Sigh, who would have thought the little boy in my imagination has turned into a jerk like you. All the beautiful illusions belonging to my childhood are shattered.”
Alex scoffed. “Touché! Get back to Michigan!”
Phoebe gritted her teeth. “Hmph, I’ll bite you to death if you ever dare to mistreat Cheryl.”
Grace, who was walking in front of them, deliberately stayed away for a while. Seeing them whispering to each other, she couldn’t help but think of something. ‘Since Bro William has passed away, it’d be perfect if these two kids could tie the knot. It’d be considered to be fulfilling a promise of the past.’
Grace drove on the way back.
Phoebe suddenly asked, “Mom, I still don’t know what you did before this. How could you be a colleague of Alex’s father? I heard my friend say that his father was a businessman last time.”
Grace shook her head and said, “That’s just an illusion. I couldn’t talk about my original job because of confidentiality. But now that the department has been shut down, and I am already retired, it doesn’t hurt to tell you about it! Our original department was known as Hidden Dragon, a special operations unit. You can think of it as a special agent.”
Phoebe was appalled. She heard about this matter for the first time. “Mom, were you in charge of logistics then?”
Grace shook her head. “I was the team leader of a special operations team.”
The image of a female James Bond immediately surfaced in Phoebe’s mind. “That sounds amazing! What about William Rockefeller?”
“We met during a mission. He was involved in a dispute that year. We thought he was the mastermind, but we found out that there were discrepancies in the facts. That case was complicated and involved lots of confidential information… In the end, William managed to turn the tide, or else all the members of our team wouldn’t have been able to return.”
Phoebe wanted to ask about the details, but Grace refused to speak while citing the principle of confidentiality as her reason.
In the end, Phoebe could not help asking, “Mom, William Rockefeller was a genius and had great capabilities. He must have been popular with women, right? Did you take a fancy to him?”
She was really worried that Alex was right about it.
Grace’s face stiffened. “What nonsense are you talking about? When William and I met, we both already had families and children.”
“Mom, I realized that there was a glisten in your eyes when you were talking about Alex’s father. This is something never seen before when you were with Dad.”
Grace’s eyes were suddenly welling up with tears. Then, she said, “You don’t understand it. That’s called admiration, adoration. William Rockefeller’s presence was like a god to all our members in Hidden Dragon. As long as he said the word, all of us would be willing to die for him.”
“That’s too much, isn’t it?”
“Let’s stop talking about this. What about you and Alex? Have you taken a fancy to him? What I said earlier was all true. You both had a child betrothal when you were young. Although it’s a bit informal, you both were also considered childhood sweethearts… I just read his file. He’s a divorcé and has no children. I heard that the woman was still a virgin until the divorce.”
Speechless, Phoebe shook her head, yet her cheeks were flushed.
Alex sat alone at the windy pavilion for a long time. Watchng the heaving and subsiding ripples on the lake, his mind also followed the movements and became restless.
‘Dad, how many secrets did you hide from us?’
Alex felt that the father in his impression was getting increasingly vague and he could no longer see him clearly. Based on the information acquired from someone else’s mouth, was that person really his own father?


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