The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1039

“Mom, what happened?” Maya did not pay attention to the voice on the other end of Brittany’s phone. Only until this moment did she realize that something was not right.
Brittany put down the phone. “Someone has kidnapped Stephen Hendrix and even beaten two of our people to death.”
Upon uttering such a remark, everyone present was a little shocked.
Douglas said, “Mrs. Rockefeller, do you need me to step in and lend you a hand? I, Douglas Hunter, still have quite a bit of reputation in this area of Michigan.”
Brittany said, “I still don’t know the exact situation for now. If there’s a need for that, I’ll come and ask you for help. Let’s call it a day for today’s dinner. We have to hurry back and take a look.”
Douglas hurriedly nodded in agreement.
After Brittany and Maya left, Douglas looked at the dishes on the half frozen table. He stretched out his hand to try it out. As a result, he immediately retracted his hand.
If he had not retracted his hand fast enough, his finger would have been frozen.
“Who would have thought Mrs. Rockefeller to be such a hidden master? I’m afraid many Grandmasters can’t even perform this kind of frost sealing technique! No wonder she could develop Lush Cosmetics to such an extent in a short time.”
Susan’s expression darkened as she could not utter a word.
Soon after, Alex received a call from Brittany.
“Alex, hurry and come to Premier Hospital in Michigan. Nicholas is gravely injured, and his life is in danger.”
As Alex, who was initially driving home, heard this news, his heart shook violently. He hurriedly turned the Aston Martin around. The huge engine roar resounded across the entire street as he rushed toward Michigan like lightning.
After getting onto the highway, he even floored the gas pedal.
“Damn, is this man mad?”
“What’s the hurry for driving this fast?!”
“You think you’re great for driving a sports car? I wish you’d drive over the guardrail!”
Along the way, there was no lack of vicious scolding from some people. Even some young men, who drove sports cars, wanted to race him to determine who could drive faster. However, they soon discovered that the Aston Martin was gone in the blink of an eye.
When the highway display board showed California license plate XXX reached 240 miles per hour for speeding, countless people cursed the driver for being a madman.
Among them were Grace Larsen and Phoebe Larsen, who were driving back to Michigan.
Phoebe said, “The rich heirs nowadays are unreasonable one after another. Isn’t that guy afraid of getting killed in a fatal car crash for driving so fast on the highway? When something happens later, he will harm others and himself too.”
Unexpectedly, Grace just said, “Maybe that guy is really in a hurry!”
“Mom, really? You are still defending that kind of person?”
Grace smiled without saying a word. When she was a Hidden Dragon member, she had to race against time during her missions. Not to mention 240 miles per hour; she had even driven about 300 miles per hour. Back then, she turned a modified car worth tens of millions of dollars driven by her into a scrap right away.
“Where are you going? Home, or to the hospital? Phoebe said, “Let’s go to the hospital!”
From California to Michigan, the initial two hours drive was forcibly shortened to forty five minutes by Alex. However, when he rushed to the operating room’s waiting area at the hospital, he heard someone crying.
It was Chloe Zea!
Brittany and Maya were also there. All of them had an expression of grief and resentment.
Nicholas was already pushed out of the room with his entire body covered with a piece of white cloth. The chief surgeon said regretfully, “I’m sorry, we’ve done our best. The patient’s head injury was too severe… My condolences!”
Chloe sat on the ground, crying in sorrow.
She and Nicholas had met their parents. They had been discussing the marriage lately. They had even chosen their wedding photography date, but she didn’t expect such an accident to occur.
When the hospital nurse was about to drag Nicholas to the morgue, a voice suddenly said, “Wait a minute, he can still be saved.”
The one who spoke was naturally Alex Rockefeller.
He had just used spiritual consciousness to briefly scan Nicholas’s body earlier and found that his soul had not departed. So, he would have a chance to change the fate of his life. His injury was on his head. Many meridians inside had been destroyed after being hit by a palm.


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