The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1943

Chapter 1943 Freyja smiled. “It’s okay. You’re the one who said I’m still young, aren’t you? It’s not like I can no longer write anymore.” Daisie leaned on the back of the couch.

“But this still pisses me off.

This is nothing but straight-up oppression!! Til let the fact that Freyja’s copyright still belongs to the company even after the termination of her contractslide, but the main thing is that she can’t even get a penny for something that belongs to her.

Such a company should just run out of business and go bankrupt!’

Freyja sat down beside her.

“Daisie , don’t you like that script a lot? You should take it.”

She paused for a bit and loweredher gaze.

“But…” The reason I didn’t accept it is that the story’s copyright belongs to Freyja, yet some other bastard is goingto get all her glory because of this.

So no matter how much I like the script, I won’t accept it.

Freyja knew that Daisie was worried about her and placed her palm on the back of her hand.

“Even though the copyright is no longer mine and the work has nothing to

do withme, the original plot was written by me, and I really look forward to you filming that drama.” Daisie struggled deep down for a while.

But she finally made a decision and went to the production company to confirm with them that she would accept the invite and play therole of Nancy Hanks.

Nancy Hanks corresponded to Tana Ybarra in Freyja’s original novel.

She was the daughter of a noble who was exiled and was inextricably linked with the serialkilling.

The police regarded this beautiful and mysterious woman as a suspect, which supported and led the whole storyline.

After signing the contract, the filming would officially start in the second half of the year, so Daisie had along time to prepare herself for the character.

At this time, she received an unfamiliar text message on her phone.

Daisie picked it up, took a glance at it, and could not help but be dumbfounded.

On the other side of the city, while Freyja was waiting for Daisie in Tenet’s studio, she had also begun toplan an outline for her new novel.

A staff member came in and knocked on the door.


Pruitt, someone’s looking for you in the lobby.” Freyja paused and stood up.

“Me?” She took the elevator to the lobby, wondering who was looking for her until shesaw the woman sitting on the couch.

She was stunned.

‘It’s Giselle Peterson.’

Freyja frowned and walked toward Giselle.


Peterson?” Giselle looked up at her and got up with a smile.

“You’ve come.” Freyja asked, “Is there anything that I can help you with?”


Giselle looked ather.


Pruitt, if you don’t mind, I wish to take up some of your time for a short chat with you.” Freyja andGiselle headed to a nearby cafe.

Freyja looked at the afternoon tea on the table and knew that Giselle probably did not come to her only because shewanted to have tea with her.

Thus, she took the initiative to start the conversation.” Ms.

Peterson, if you have something to say, you don’t have to beat around the bush.’ Giselle held the teacup and blew the hot steam off the surface of the tea.

“I know about your relationship with Mr.

Goldmann.” Freyja was slightly startled and pursed her lips tightly.

“However, the both of you haven’t made this relationship public.

Come to think of it, he should be the reason behind that.” Giselle lifted her gaze.

Although there was still a smile on her face, a mixture of complicated emotions was flashing across her eyes.

Freyja clasped her hands together, interlocked her fingers, and smiled: “Did he tell you that?” Giselle put downthe teacup.

“What do you think, Ms.

Pruitt?» “Did you come all the way here to look for me just to confirm this matter?” “You can say so,” she replied casually.

“After all, I’m very curious about the woman that Mr.

Goldmann has taken a fancy to.

What kind of woman can catch his attention? But I didn’t expect to see this today.” Freyja smiled.

“Youve met me before.”

Giselle fiddled with her bracelet.

“We did meet before.

this, but I didn’t know about your relationship at that time.”

Freyja did not speak.

Giselle and Colton matched each other regarding their identities and statuses.

Freyja could understand that.

And as a woman, she could also see that Giselle had a thing for Colton.


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