The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1040

“Lil’ Bro…”
Seeing Alex rushing over, everyone was excited. It was as if they had found their mainstay.
Alex knew that the situation was urgent, so he pushed Nicholas back into the operating room right there and then.
“Hey, who are you? He’s dead!”
“Are you nuts? You can’t simply enter the operating room. You’ll contaminate the entire environment…” A few doctors immediately shouted.
“His life is at stake. Mom, stop them!” After pushing Nicholas into the room, Alex immediately locked the door.
How could this be okay?
The few doctors certainly disagree with them.
“Are you guys trying to make a ruckus at the hospital?”
‘That guy is still fiddling with the corpse inside. What should we do if they were to slander us afterward?’ As the chief surgeon thought about it, he immediately shouted, “Call the police and the security…”
Brittany threw out a bank card.
“Here are twenty million dollars. We need to borrow your operating room for a while. You have the final say on the compensation. If that man is gone, it has nothing to do with you too.”
In that instant, the scene became quiet.
“Twenty million dollars, really?”
“You don’t believe it? I’ll send a message for inquiry.”
Soon after, a bank message entered Brittany’s phone with a chime. The balance displayed exactly twenty million dollars.
Meanwhile, soon after, Grace reached Premier Hospital in Michigan. After taking a casual sweeping glance, she saw the
Aston Martin parked in front of the entrance. Then, she looked at the license plate. “Hey, isn’t this the wild, speeding car on the highway just now?”
Surprised, Phoebe said, “It really is.”
Grace said with a smile, “Told you, that guy must have had an urgent errand for driving that fast.”
Grace was an Earth-ranked fighter with a high level of cultivation. Now that someone wanted to harm her daughter, she certainly had to accompany her all the way. As a result, when they arrived at Phoebe’s office, her colleagues’ gossip came through.
“Have you guys heard about it? Operating room No. 3 has been occupied by a wealthy man.”
“A patient who has been declared dead was pushed back into the operating room. He actually wants to perform surgery on the corpse. Don’t you think it’s weird?”
“He’s alone too. I heard that he’s very young, in his twenties. Oh my goodness, he must be joking.”
“That woman simply threw twenty million dollars at the surgeons to borrow the operating room. Director Zul was speechless.”
Upon hearing these discussions, Phoebe was also surprised. A thought came to her mind. ‘That man can’t be the owner of the Aston Martin, right?’
Then, another thought inexplicably came up. ‘Could it be Alex Rockefeller?’
Otherwise, who else could cure a patient who had been declared dead? Alex, who was known as the Immortal Doctor, might be able to perform the miracle.
After a few minutes, another female nurse came running as she stumbled a little. “He’s saved, he’s saved. He’s actually saved. It’s simply a miracle. That young man is so powerful. He could actually still reverse brain death by saving a truly brain dead person, a skeleton with flesh.”
Those words alone shocked countless people.
Then, a group of doctors without any work in hand ran to the operating room No. 3, hoping to witness the miracle with their eyes.
Grace said, “If this man could save a person who’s declared dead, then he really has some tricks up his sleeve.”
Phoebe said with a strange expression, “Mom, I think that man might be Alex Rockefeller.”
“What? Alex knows medical skills?”
“He’s known as the Immortal Doctor.”
“Ah! The contemporary medical doctor?”
Grace jumped and rushed in that direction like a gust of wind.


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