The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1947

Chapter 1947 Daisie looked at him. “It‘s only tens of millions. I can pay you that.” 

Mitchell could not help but laugh out loud. “Of course, you can pay me that amount, but unfortunately, money can no longer satisfy me.” 

After all, Mitchell was once an A–lister. Tens of millions were nothing to him, so it was only natural that money could not satisfy him. 

Daisie frowned. Her hands behind her back kept groping for the knot. “Then what do you want?” 

Mitchell smiled grimly. “I want you two to end up just like me. That must be very exciting.” 

He turned around and summoned the people outside the door. “Come in.” 

Four men appeared outside the door, looking at the two women on the ground maliciously. “These two women are worthy of being celebrities. Don‘t they look beautiful? Everything will be worth it after tonight.” 

Susan trembled vigorously, knelt on the ground, and wept. “Mitchell, please let me go. I… I‘m all yours to command, okay?” Mitchell stopped in front of her and watched as she 

begged him. He then stretched out his hand and tugged her hair all of a sudden, and she screamed in pain. 

Mitchell leaned over and approached her. “B*tch, you now know that you should kneel and beg me? What happened to the arrogance that I got from you back then? Do you really think you‘re so precious that I can‘t live without you?” 

Susan‘s shoulders trembled, all blood was drained away from her cheeks, and her tears could not stop rolling down her face. “I know I was wrong, Mitchell. I promise that I won‘t ruin your plan ever again in the future. I‘ll listen to whatever you say, so please don‘t let them come at me…” 

Facing her pleading, Mitchell did not even give off a trace of emotion on his face. Instead, there was a morbid and rampant pride. “It‘s too late for you to beg me now.” 

He pulled her up hard and pushed her toward those men. 

Susan fell to the ground and cried when she saw those men approaching her. “Don‘t touch me. Please don‘t…” 

Daisie looked at the scene that was unfolding right in front of her eyes–those people exuded a cruel vibe as they were tearing Susan‘s clothes apart frantically–and her face paled slightly. 

‘If this goes on like this, things will go south really quickly! 

“Mitchell, don‘t repeat your mistakes. What you‘re doing is against the law!” 

“Against the law?” Mitchell scoffed disdainfully. “So what if this is against the law? I have nothing else to lose, so why should I care?” 

After saying that, he pinched Daisie‘s chin and rubbed his fingers against her jawline. 

Daisie got goosebumps. She wanted to turn his face away, but he grabbed her chin down and took a good look at her. “Speaking of which, you do look much better than Susan does. It‘s no wonder they were calling you the Aphrodite back when you were in college. It‘d be a pity to leave you to them.” 

He licked the corners of his lips. “If the Goldmanns knew that I‘m the one who ruined the precious princess that they‘ve been holding in their hands all this while, what would they do with me? And would your man dislike you after this?” 

Her pupils constricted slightly as she struggled to break free from his grasp. “Don‘t you dare touch me!” 

Mitchell, who got knocked away, laughed out loud instead of getting displeased. “Wow, spicy. I love women of such temperaments.” 

He grabbed Daisie‘s shoulders and pushed her down. He wanted to kiss her, but Daisie turned her face away and 

kicked him. 

Mitchell‘s patience had been exhausted. He grabbed her hair, and his eyes looked fierce and murderous. “I would strongly advise you to stop fighting back. All these struggles are pointless.” 

Daisie ignored her lacerated fingers and tore the rope apart. She then turned over, sat up, headbutted him, and quickly coiled the rope around his neck. 

Mitchell, who was restrained, lost all mobility in an instant. 

Daisie took the opportunity to throw him to the ground while the four men were startled , stopped , got up, and charged toward her. She dodged a man‘s fist, swiftly grabbed the man‘s arm, and slammed him to the ground with a shoulder throw. The two men behind her pounced on her from behind and grasped her arms. However, she did a backflip and flung both of them to the ground at the same time. 


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