The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1041

In front of Operating Room No.3, it was as noisy as a wet market.
A dead person had been resurrected.
When such amazing news exploded, it practically shocked everyone. Those who had operated on Nicholas knew best about his situation, and he was obviously already dead. Being brain dead was irreversible, and there was no precedent for resurrecting the dead in this world before. It was an atomic bomb in the medical world!
“Could something have gone wrong in the middle of it? Maybe the machine malfunctioned?” One of the doctors who rushed over said with doubt.
However, no one could come up with a reason. A situation like this was not uncommon, but what was more surprising is that Nicholas’ skull had been sawed open during the operation, but now he came out completely intact.
Alex had brought back Nicholas from the edge of death this time, and it had taken a massive amount of effort and all of the skills he had. He even had to use all thirty six of the dragon bone needles.
After saving Nicholas, he felt completely drained.
Once he came out from the operation room, he fell onto Maya and said, “Senior, take me home.”
Then, he fell asleep.
Grace and Phoebe, who had hurried over, arrived at this scene.
“It’s really him!” Phoebe exclaimed, covering her mouth.
Grace glanced at Brittany, who was by Alex’s side, her eyes flashed, but she didn’t step forward in the end.
On the way back, Brittany received a call from Hailey. “Godmother, I’ve found the person who did it. But, Stephen has been sent away, and I don’t know where he is now.”
Brittany’s face darkened.
The news about healing the scar on Stephen’s face was one that she had spread, and it was also a huge gamble to create a sensational effect. When she made the gamble, she anticipated that someone would do something to Stephen and had arranged for him to hide out in a secluded place with multiple security personnel to protect him. Under normal circumstances, nothing could happen.
Then, there was only one possibility!
There was a traitor in the company.
“Hailey, have you gotten the survivors?”
“Bring them back, and be careful.”
Along the way, Alex lay on Maya’s lap, enjoying the comfort similar to that of a big boss. He could smell the feminine fragrance from Maya’s body.
When the scent hit his nose, something within Alex seemed to fire up, an impulse that seemed to spread throughout his body quietly.
When he caught sight of Maya looking at him, he discreetly faced another direction and took a breath, his face flushed.
It seemed like the fragrance on her body grew stronger. In the end, Alex, who had been in a lethargic state, awoke from this change.
Their eyes met.
Alex struggled to sit up, but Maya held him down as she said, “Don’t move. Close your eyes and have a good rest. Brittany, who was driving, spoke up, “Alex, you’re awake? How do you feel? If you don’t feel well, you should sleep a little more. The fragrance from Maya’s body is good for meditation and concentration. You should take a few more breaths.” She spoke somewhat jokingly.
An embarrassed look crossed Maya’s face.
“Don’t think that it’s not real. This is the result of our many tests.”
At this moment, Maya even lifted her shirt and pressed it onto Alex’s face directly.
Alex felt like his body was on fire, and all reasoning in his mind was about to be washed away.
He hurriedly got up from Maya’s lap, sitting up.


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