The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1042

Inside, he thought, ‘Is it the difference between men and women? Both Mom and Hailey said the same things, so it can’t be a lie.’
However, when he got nearer to her, it felt as if he had ants in his pants, and he couldn’t think of anything else but doing the deed… Then, there was only one other explanation. The fragrance from Maya’s body had a calming effect on women, but it was the opposite for men.
However, this was not something he could tell them so casually. So, he changed the subject instead. “Do we know who kidnapped Stephen?”
Half an hour later, they arrived back at Lush Cosmetics. Holly had already returned and brought with her two beaten up people in her bands, they were black and blue all over, covered with bruises, and their faces were swollen.
“They’re the ones who killed our people and took Stephen away?” Brittany asked.
“They’re not the ones. These two turtles didn’t have the capabilities to do it. It was Joshua Jones.” Holly had found some information through her network These two thugs were Joshua’s underlings.
“Who is Joshua Jones?”
Alex had not heard this name before, neither did Brittany nor Maya.
Instead, it was one of the thugs who answered grimly, “Hmph! You dare to kidnap us even when you don’t know who Master Jones is? When the time comes, Master Jones will bring along the three hundred masters under him, and everyone here will die! Holly Yates, don’t think that you’ve become some empress just because you’ve occupied a few territories! Compared to our Master Jones, you’re far from him.”
It turned out that the two thugs knew Holly.
Maya gave the thug a big slap across his face.
Several of his teeth flew out immediately from the blow, and she said coldly, “Since you like to talk so much, tell us, where is that Joshua right now?”
Holly was the one to answer, “Joshua is the Amaryllis Tower owner, which is a place where underground black boxing is held. I’ve met him once before when he wanted to recruit me. I refused him then.”
Alex ate some pills like he was eating jelly beans to replenish his energy and asked, “Is this Joshua very powerful?”
Holly replied, “So so. But he shouldn’t be able to keep up with me. What I’m worried about is that there is still an old guy behind him. That guy is the real monolith of the place. On the other hand, people from Amaryllis Tower don’t really have any regard for rules, so if they come and retaliate against the company, it’s going to be troublesome.”
“Hmph, you’re saying that Master Jones isn’t your opponent, Holly Yates? I think you’re spouting nonsense, right?”
When one of the thugs heard this, he couldn’t help but sneer.
Holly got a little angry and slapped the thug’s face. The blow was coated with her fire attributes. The thug let out a yelp and fell to the ground, unconscious.
His entire face looked like it had been burned by fire, and it was hideous to look at.
When Brittany saw that, there was no change in her expression as she said, “Holly, that old guy, just how powerful is he?”
“He’s a cultivator, and he may have already reached Divine Transcendence level.”
Brittany and Maya had heard Alex talked about the cultivation levels before this, and they frowned, being at their wits’ end.
They could never have imagined that restoring a celebrity’s face would provoke such a monstrous master.
Alex smiled lightly at this moment and said, “Even if it’s a Divine Transcendence master, it’s not impossible to deal with him.”
“Bro, do you have some misunderstandings about the Divine Transcendence level?” Holly asked bluntly without a care for his face. “The moment you reach that level, it’s like you’ve shed your mortal skin. In the eyes of ordinary people, it’s basically a god-like existence. They have all kinds of magical power, then, and many unimaginable skills at their disposal.”
Alex replied calmly, “I’m one of them.”
At this moment, Sky suddenly called.
“Alex, do you have some time tonight? There’s a mission from the Divine Constabulary that may require your assistance.”
“What’s the mission about?”
“Head to Michigan’s Amaryllis Tower to rescue someone.”


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