The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1946

Chapter 194

The ringing phone pulled Colton back to his senses. 

Colton picked up the phone and took a glimpse at the caller ID. It was Nollace. 

He swiped the screen and answered the call. “What‘s the matter?” 

“Is Daisie with Freyja?” 

Colton was startled. “Isn‘t she in Taylorton?” 

Nollace sounded eerily calm. “No, and she‘s not at the Goldmann mansion nor Tenet. Not to mention that I can‘t get through her phone. I believe something must have happened to her.” 

Colton stood up abruptly and suddenly recalled Nollace’s reminder from before this. 

F*ck! I‘ve been negligent! 

“I‘ll send someone over right now.” Freyja heard Colton was on the phone and guessed it should be Nollace. 

Could it be Daisie?‘ 

She asked, “Did something happen to Daisie?” He picked up his coat and strode to the entryway.“ 

Something might have happened to her. I have to leave now.” 

Freyja froze in place. She subconsciously took out her cell phone and stared at the message she had sent to Daisie in the afternoon. Daisie had not replied to her yet. 

She called Daisie‘s number, and it showed that the user was busy and could not answer the call. 

On the other side of the city… 

Nollace stood in front of the car and called Edison. The latter claimed that Donald was nowhere to be seen in Bassburgh. 

Donald is out of the equation. What‘s more, even if he‘s in Bassburgh now, it‘s impossible for him to be able to get to the bottom of my relationship with Daisie so quickly before exposing his identity. 

But if something were to happen to Daisie , who would benefit the most?! 

Nollace clenched his phone tightly, and the names of the two people flashed across his mind. 

‘Mitchell Santos and Susan Hotch…‘ 

His gaze dimmed, and he said to Edison, “Where are Mitchell Santos and Susan Hotch? Get me their location 


There were narrow corridors and dim light in a rental house neighborhood near the suburbs. The exterior of the rough old houses was only painted with a layer of paint. The room‘s lighting was extremely poor, and the atmosphere was damp and cold. 

Daisie slowly opened her eyes, and the silhouette that appeared right in front of her gradually came into focus, it was Susan. 

Like her, Susan‘s hands and feet were tied, but she had not woken up yet. 

Daisie frowned. She vaguely remembered receiving a text message asking her to meet and talk on the grounds of exposing Nollace. 

After arriving at the destination, she was attacked as soon as she got out of the car. 

Seeing that Susan was also here, she vaguely guessed that it had something to do with Mitchell. 

“Susan.” Daisie moved to her side and called her. 



After a while , Susan started moving. When she opened her eyes and saw Daisie , she was astonished . “Daisie?“. Immediately, she realized that she was unable to move as she had been tied up, and her expression changed instantly. “What happened?” “Isn‘t this obvious? We‘ve been kidnapped.” 

“What?” Susan‘s face turned pale. “How come…” 

She seemed to remember something and gnashed her teeth. “Mitchell!” : 

There was movement outside the door, and the man who pushed the door and walked in wearing a hat was none other than Mitchell. 

Mitchell took off his hat. He had not shaved his beard in a while and allowed it to grow messy. He looked rather degenerated and gloomy. “Have you woken up?” 

Before Daisie could speak, Susan had already started growling, “Mitchell! Have you lost your mind? Do you know what you‘re doing!?” 

‘He even kidnapped me?‘ “Of course, I know what I’m doing.” Mitchell stood in front of her expressionlessly, leaned forward, and grabbed her by the jaw. “You b*tch, if it weren‘t for your stupidity, would I have ended up in this situation?” 

Seeing Susan’s trembling appearance, he pushed her away, stood up straight, turned to look at Daisie, who was beside him, and sneered. “Ms. Vanderbilt, I didn‘t expect you to protect your fiance to this extent.” 

Daisie pursed her lips and raised her head. “What do you want?” 

He laughed out loud. “Will you be able to give me what I want? Oh, my bad, the Goldmanns do have the ability to do so.” He squatted in front of Daisie. “Anyway, my reputation is ruined now, and I‘ve lost everything. I might be able to accept it if the Goldmanns pay me tens of millions as compensation.” 


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