The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1046

This person was named Gideon Olson, the second strongest in the team and was at intermediate Mystic rank.
Anna snorted coldly as she thought to herself inwardly, ‘If I told you that this is the guy that killed Terrance, won’t you go out of your mind?’
However, she was also petty and didn’t bother explaining the details about Alex, allowing Gideon to continue poking at the matter. It would be best if Gideon managed to provoke and offend Alex and make Alex send him flying with a single slap.
However, Alex looked as though he didn’t hear a thing, sitting still as a statue on the chair.
As a result, everyone’s impression of Alex worsened.
“What kind of person is it? He’s still tolerating all that shit. He’s completely unlike a man! It’s no wonder that women have become in charge in the California division.”
“Haha, he’s just an ordinary person. What do you expect him to do? Isn’t he just afraid of dying from a single slap from us?”
“You’re right!”
Anna snorted coldly. ‘A bunch of uneducated brats!’
A young man came up to Anna at this time and said in a low voice, “Anna, you said that a young man was the one who killed Tristan? Is this person called ‘Master Alex’?”
A glint flashed in Anna’s eyes. “You know about it?”
The young man replied, “I heard from a friend that Master Alex wields the power of thunder and lightning. Not only is he a master in martial arts, but he’s also a real cultivator, as well as the son-in-law of the Michigan’s Stoermer family. In fact, it was for the sake of Daya Stoermer of the Stoermer family that he went against Tristan. Is this information true?”
His words drew everyone’s eyes and attention, as well as put them in a daze.
Every single one of them came up to him immediately, asking him where he had gotten the information from and whether or not it was reliable. Even Travis had come over. His brows furrowed when he heard the words.
The young man’s name was Jamie Dodd.
He replied, “My source shouldn’t have any problems. It’s from Angela Seay of the Seay family from the eight great royal families. She saw it with her own eyes, and it shouldn’t be false.”
Then, be repeated to them what he had heard.
Gideon’s eyes were wide. “Is there really such a powerful young man? That’s really a monster genius that appears once in a few hundred years! Calling him ‘Master’ isn’t an exaggeration at all! I really want to meet him so that my life doesn’t feel like it’s in vain.”
Everyone nodded in agreement, admiration clear upon their faces.
“Even if the information is indeed true, you don’t have to look it. Some people are skilled at maintaining their youthful appearance or naturally have a babyish face. Couple with the fact that they’re cultivators who are known for fiddling with dodgy things, it’s possible that they’ve also dabbled in sorcery. There’s nothing to admire about someone like that! Alright, enough. It’s almost time. Let’s go.”
Anna glanced at Alex, feeling amused on the inside. ‘What a bunch of fools!’
They couldn’t even tell that the person they were talking about was right in front of their eyes. They probably needed a new pair of eyes!
At the same time, in Amaryllis Tower.
The owner of the tower, Joshua Jones, was talking to a middle-aged, fat man.
“Master Jones, thank you so much for this time. Here is twenty million. Please take it to have some tea,” the fat man said with a bright smile upon his face.
“Twenty million to have some tea? Mr. Lee, you’re really extraordinary! Is Stephen Hendrix really worth twenty million?” Joshua Jones was a bald man, and his temples were prominent, indicating that he was a master of inner strength. “Shall I go and kill him for you?”
“No, no, no!” The fat man immediately objected. “Let him live. There are still some uses for him!”
“Old Lee, we don’t have to beat around the bush. We’ve known each other for so long, what don’t we know about each other? Your pockets are always shut so tightly, but not only did you give us thirty million as labor fees this time, but you also gave us twenty million on top. This is extremely unlike you. Now come on, what else is there?”


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