The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1951

Chapter 1951 Daisie rested her hand on top of Freyja. “There‘s no need to feel guilty. I‘m fine now, right?” Freyja replied. “You were just lucky, but what if it happens again?” Daisie pressed her lips together and looked down. “I‘ll be more careful.” 

“I‘ve asked for a few days off from Charlie , and he wants you to rest well. As for news about Mitchell abducting you, it hasn‘t gotten to the press yet. Otherwise, it would have shaken Bassburgh.” 

Mitchell had played with fire and gotten burned. He would face charges, especially after the abduction. That would be the end of him. 

After Colton walked out of the police station, he saw Nollace‘s car parked not too far away. He walked over, and the back window slowly rolled down. 

Before Nollace spoke, Colton asked, “You didn‘t hand Susan and Mitchell over to the police?“. 

Only the four men were locked up for now, and they had admitted to their crimes, but Susan and Mitchell were nowhere to be seen. 

Nollace gave off a mysterious smile. “Do you think I‘ll let them off easily with Daisie hurt so badly?” 

Colton squinted and didn‘t reply. 

Nollace leaned back on the seat and calmly said, “Don‘t worry, they will never show up in Bassburgh again after this.” 

Colton asked, “Where are you sending them to instead of prison?” 

Nollace smirked. “To where they belong.” 

Colton took a deep breath. “Don‘t cause any deaths.” Even if it weren‘t for him, it should be for Daisie. 

Nollace looked at him. “I won‘t take their lives. They will wish they were dead, though.” 

He rolled up his window after saying that and blocked Colton‘s view. 

At an asylum somewhere far in the outskirts… 

The asylum had tight security with a 30–foot wall and barbed wire. It was more like a prison for mentally ill 

criminals rather than an asylum. 

“I‘m not crazy! I‘m not sick! Let me go!” The staff dragged Susan into a room while she struggled to get free. 

The staff held her down on the bed, bound her hands and 

feet, and injected a sedative through her arm. After she calmed down, she still mumbled that she wasn‘t crazy. 

The staff walked out and closed the door, then the lights dimmed. 

Meanwhile, Mitchell squatted by the wall, looking pale as a sheet while his eyes were empty. 

A buff patient stood before him, held out his hand, and flashed a menacing smile. “Hey, new guy. Kneel and lick my feet, or I‘ll break you in half.” 

All the other patients saw what happened but didn‘t do anything because they were used to it. 

Mitchell and Susan disappeared from the entertainment industry within a week. They had been canceled. After Daisie was discharged from the hospital, her family threw her a party. 

When she got home and saw the helpers and Maisie being busy, she looked helpless. “Mom, there‘s no need to make it a big event.” 

Maisie looked very serious. “How could we not make it a big event? You‘re finally discharged, and we‘re all together now. This is a must.” 

Daisie couldn‘t argue with that, so she just accepted it. “Oh, Nolly and Freyja are here.” 


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