The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1049

‘… F*ck!’
All six of the members from Missouri’s Divine Constabulary had their eyes and jaw wide opened, watching in astonishment as Alex and Anna walked in, their minds full of question marks.
‘Have these two gone mad?’
‘To break into Amaryllis Tower like this?’
‘Seriously, are they trying to hasten their death? As though it isn’t fast enough already?’
The pain from his shattered hands was blinding, but Travis was still a captain from Missouri’s Divine Constabulary. It didn’t matter the fact that he wasn’t comparable to Sky Melvis from the California division, he still had the mission objective in his eyes, and he immediately shouted, “Run! What the hell are you here for? Are you crazy? Run!”
However, Alex and Anna looked as though they didn’t hear him.
They were only slightly startled when they saw the members being subdued on the ground.
Gideon said, “Boss, do you see this? It’s not that I sold them out. They came rushing in on their own. It has nothing to do with me.”
Everyone ignored him.
Joshua’s eyes darkened, and he glared coldly at Alex and Anna as he said in a solemn voice, “My Amaryllis Tower has been established for twenty years. Back then, to make its status seem better, both doors had been built from thousand year old trees. They have never been kicked by anyone before. You guys are the first to do so!”
Alex said indifferently, “Your Amaryllis Tower? Are you the owner, then, Joshua Jones?”
Joshua didn’t reply but continued, “Someone looked for trouble in my Amaryllis Tower before. Do you know how that ended? Three generations were guilty by association and executed! But, at the time, no one had sent my doors flying either.”
“Are you Joshua Jones or not?”
The conversation between the two people made everyone resist laughng because it felt like they were just talking to themselves.
When Joshua finally finished saying what he wanted to say, he found that Alex had turned a deaf ear and not responded to what he had said and was, instead, constantly asking him whether or not he was Joshua Jones.
It had simply been a waste of feelings.
“I am Joshua Jones. Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear what I said? Come on now, tell me, which disabled man are you? Do you even have the qualifications to stand here and talk to me?”
Before Alex could speak, the mohawk young man stood up again. “Master Jones, you can tell that this guy is just some rash youngster. He doesn’t even have any foundation in martial arts. Maybe he’s not an official from the Divine Constabulary? Hey, putting on official airs like this, who do you think you’re putting it on for? Come on now, tell me, what kind of official are you?”
Alex pulled out a sign and said, “The Divine Constabulary, elder!”
Travis, Gideon, and everyone else looked at the identification that Alex held in his hands. Their eyes widened further as their jaw went slack. They wondered if there was something wrong with their eyes. How could this guy be an elder?!
Jamie said, “Boss, do we have posts for a civilian elder?”
Travis furrowed his brows. “This… I’m not sure. There may be!”
Everyone felt like they had just gotten trampled over by 10,000 alpacas.
When Anna saw the wonderful expressions upon their faces, she couldn’t help but feel elated on the inside… She had initially been nervous when they had stormed into Amaryllis Tower, but now, she couldn’t help but feel excited instead.
She was born in Michigan, and she had more of a deeper understanding of Amaryllis Tower than others. She had even followed her family elders to watch the bloody battles in the arena here before. There was a deep psychological shadow in her in regards to Amaryllis Tower.
Today, she had followed Alex and stormed into the place, kicking the door off the hinges with an explosive blow.
That excitement, tension, and nervousness were even more explosive than rolling in between the sheets with a man, although it was not like she had done it before. When she followed Alex, she could get experiences that felt like the thrill of riding a roller coaster.
The mohawk guy was startled and reached out to take the identification token, but Alex pulled it out of his reach and kept it away. Then, he said, “So, now that I have identified myself, will you still continue to confront the Divine Constabulary openly? Joshua Jones, I have something to ask you, and I hope you can answer truthfully.”
Joshua roared with laughter.
“How interesting, how very interesting!
“Kid, you’re the most interesting kid I’ve ever seen in the Divine Constabulary! But, I have a rule in Amaryllis Tower. Elders from the Divine Constabulary will have to kneel before they can talk to me. Come, someone, break his legs!”
Travis and the rest of his group were completely speechless.
‘From where did Sky, that idiot, find such a person and even recommended him to be an elder?!’
‘Could it be some second gen that came to the Divine Constabulary to play around?’
“This was just gambling your life away!’
The mohawk guy moved the fastest. He got a stick from god knows where and swung it toward Alex’s legs with a ‘whoosh’.
Everyone laughed and shook their heads when they saw the stick only half a meter away from Alex, yet he still didn’t dodge. They thought that he had been rooted to the spot in shock and didn’t know how to dodge it. In the end, he really was just a useless clerical official and only knew how to put on airs.


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