The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1048

“It’s not like it’s impossible to.”
The two didn’t know that before Travis and the others had entered the building, they were stopped before they even got into the underground black-boxing venue.
“Hello, these are unfamiliar faces. Where do you come from?”
The one who had stopped them was a young man with a mohawk hairstyle. As soon as he finished speaking, a dozen people rushed over from behind him. Everyone was dressed differently. Almost every single one of them had tattoos on their bodies with unique designs. More importantly, there were two foreigners.
Travis furrowed his brows, his voice was calm as he said, “We’re here to gamble. Haha, the few of us usually work on the outskirts, and we don’t usually come here often. That’s why we look unfamiliar, haha!”
“Who referred you in?”
The moment he said that, there was a crashing sound, and a middle-aged man was thrown out, landing on the ground heavily. The mohawk young man smiled and said, “Is this the man?”
Travis was shocked and thought on the inside, ‘Oh no, we’ve been exposed!’
“Hahaha! You’re from the Divine Constabulary, aren’t you? Since you’ve gone through the trouble to come here, then don’t leave so soon! We’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”
The few from Missouri’s Divine Constabulary were ready in an instant
“Boss, we’ve fallen into their trap!” Gideon said loudly.
“Do it!” Travis yelled, then took the lead to knock out the mohawk guy with a punch. “Get out, retreat!”
Travis was still an intermediate Earth rank warrior, and his combat power was not weak.
In just a few seconds, he had felled three good players. However, at this moment, a black blur of shadow rushed over, kicking Travis directly in the chest, breaking several of his ribs as it did so. When he landed on the ground, he spat out mouthfuls of blood.
“Joshua Jones!”
Travis clutched his chest as he sat on the ground, unable to get up. There was a horrified look in his eyes. “You’re actually an advanced Earth rank warrior.”
The one who had come was the owner of Amaryllis Tower, Joshua Jones.
He flicked his trousers a few times before snorting coldly and said, “The Divine Constabulary is really regressing as time goes on, finding trash like you to join them? I’m not even bothered to make any moves. My Amaryllis Tower isn’t a place that your Divine Constabulary can touch!”
While they were talking, Gideon, Jamie, and the rest were also subdued by Joshua’s men from Amaryllis Tower.
Joshua chuckled and said, “I know that you’re here to save the little Cooper girl, and I’ve laid down the net earlier. Forget about how you’re rubbish. Even if the Four Great Guardians of the Divine Constabulary all came, they’d also be trapped here.”
“Talk, are there any other accomplices?”
No one said anything.
Joshua stepped on Travis’s hand directly, and the breaking of the bones could clearly be heard. The bones in Travis’s right hand had been crushed and shattered all the way through. His hand would never again be useful in the future.
“Ahhhh!” Travis howled in pain, but he still refused to say anything.
“What a man! Then, let me see if the other five are like you, who regards death just like going home.”
He took a sled gehammer from one of his subordinates, the kind that looked to be used to hammer nails, and looked at Gideon, who was next to him, and said, “Hold down his leg. I love to hear the sound of a kneecap being smashed by an iron hammer. With one hit, bone and flesh will be separated.”
Gideon trembled with fright when they moved to hold his legs down, and he burst out in cold sweat.
Seeing the hammer being raised, he was terrified to the point he peed his pants and loudly exclaimed, “I’ll talk, I’ll talk! There are two people outside!”
Travis angrily said, “Gideon Olson, you’re not a f*cking man!”
Gideon cried, “Boss, I don’t want to become a lame man! Since those two are trash anyway, and they’re not even from Missouri’s division. So what if they get caught?”
Joshua put down the Sledgehammer, a smile upon his face as he said, “A wise man submits to their circumstances. Come, go and catch those cockroaches outside.”
However, at this moment, a rattling boom came from Amaryllis Tower’s entrance, its door kicked in by someone.
The two guards who were standing at the door came flying through the air with the doors.
“Joshua Jones, get out here!” A voice that rolled like thunder roared out.
And then, under the stunned gazes of Travis, Gideon, and the rest, Alex and Anna walked in slowly.


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