The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1954

Chapter 1954 “How hard is it to speak to them? He‘s such a coward.” 

Daisie had made her relationship with Nollace public even when her father was against it. 

Nollace said, “Men and women think differently. Women don‘t usually think too much about this, but men need to. Your brother has taken over Blackgold and has always been careful since he was young. So, he can‘t be able to do anything he wants to like you can. Furthermore, Freyja‘s mother will be an issue.” 

Daisie was stunned and looked up at him. “But Freyja had cut ties with her parents, and the king had accepted her as his grandchild.” 

Nollace shook his head. “If she were to marry Colton, everyone would know her identity. Even if she is the grandchild of the king, her mother is a problem maker.” 

“You‘re right.” 

Nollace and Daisie turned around. 

Maisie was next to them and had heard and seen everything 

“Mom, how long have you been standing there?” 

Daisie was surprised. ‘Does Mom already know about 

Freyja and Colton?‘ 

Maisie crossed her arms. “Why can‘t I be here?” 

Daisie was going to say something when Colton and Freyja, who were walking over, spotted them. 

Freyja immediately let go of Colton‘s hand. Colton was surprised. “Why are you here?” 

Daisie lowered her head and didn‘t speak, while Nollace shrugged. Only Maisie looked at them. “There‘s no need to hide when you‘re at home. Did you think I wouldn‘t notice?” 

Freyja bit her lip and looked nervous. 

Colton walked forward. Now that they were exposed, there was no reason to hide it, so he faced it. 

“I‘m sorry, Mom, We‘re in a relationship.” 

Freyja looked at him in shock. He admitted to it! 

Maisie asked, “When did it start?” 

Colton replied, “Three years ago.” Maisie scoffed and sounded unhappy. “You‘re only planning to tell me now after being together for three years?” 

Colton looked down and didn‘t speak. 

Daisie thought that Maisie was angry, so she tried to help 

them. “Mom, Colton and Freyja are serious about this.” 

“How would you know?” Maisie glared at her, which made her pause. Maisie then looked at Freyja. “I heard everything you said to Ms. Peterson at the cafe.” 

Freyja was shocked. 

‘If she heard what I said to Giselle, doesn‘t that mean she was there!?‘ 

Her fingers curled. 

What she had said would sound like defiance to the elders. She had even said it wouldn‘t be up to Colton if she married into the family or not in front of Mrs. Goldmann. 

Maisie was Colton‘s mother, so she would probably be 

angry when she heard that. 

Colton looked at Freyja. “Giselle went to see you?” 

He didn‘t ask if Freyja went to see Giselle but the other way around because he knew she had no reason to see Giselle. 

Unexpectedly, Maisie bumped into them. Freyja pressed her lips together and finally spoke. “Yes, Giselle came to speak to me, and I said some things to her.” 

Colton frowned. “What did you say?” 


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