The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1062

The demonic fire was truly burning in his eyes. His entire body was burned into a pile of ashes rapidly from the inside out.
Alex looked at it with an incomparable serious expression.
Anna Coleman even trembled frighteningly and hugged Alex’s body tightly, as if she could only find some sense of security in this way.
“Is… He dead?” She looked at the pile of ashes with apprehension.
“He’s dead. His soul is gone.” Alex nodded his head.
Suddenly, Anna turned around and pounced on him, hugging him tightly.
Other than the oppression from her body, Alex could feel her fears as well. As an ordinary martial artist like her, whatever that she had experienced earlier had overturned her perception of more than twenty years.
“Hug me tightly!”
Alex did not move.
“Just for a while, please?” She begged him softly.
Alex thought for a while before inhaling a breath and putting his hands on her waist.
She was soft, fragrant and aromatic.
Alex asked, “Have you heard about the Blood Cult?”
Anna shook her head. “I’ve only heard about the satanic cult. I don’t know if it’s the Blood Cult.”
‘Satanic cult?’
He suddenly remembered that he once heard about the two words “satanic cult” from the Coleman of Missouri, Terrance Coleman at the place of Michigan’s Stoermers. Moreover, he wanted to slander Alex as a member of the satanic cult in return.
“Give Captain Sky a call. Tell him what happened to Divine Constabulary in Missouri as well.” Alex told Anna.
Only then did Anna let go of Alex unwillingly and gave Sky a call.
As for Alex, he went to treat Stacey Cooper on his way.
At this moment, Sky was drinking with Zachary Xavier.
Zachary said, “Sky, the constabulary‘s president is already very old now coupled with the suffering of illness, his days of managing Divine Constabulary are getting shorter. Maybe one day, he’ll retire! Now, within the Four Great Guardians, except myself being the most incompetent, the other three want to compete for the president position. The ranking battle at the end of the year might be an opportunity. When the time comes, they would fight against each other and there will be no peace in Divine Constabulary.”
Sky whispered, “The other three seem very ambitious, don’t they?”
Zachary grunted and said, “If it weren’t for the pressure from the president’s prestige, those three would have fought until the sky flipped. Especially Shaun Baker, he’s ambitious. Not only does he want to be the president, but he might even want something more than that.”
Sky was shocked.
Within Divine Constabulary, other than the president was a veteran Grandmaster, the other three from the Four Great Guardians were Grandmasters, leaving only Zachary as a half-stepped Grandmaster…
He was a Grandmaster at first. However, he almost got beaten to death in one important mission later. Even though he managed to survive, his cultivation realm had been knocked down. It was already the limit for him to recover as a half-step Grandmaster.
Zachary continued, “During the ranking battle, it’s not only a fight among your respective divisions, but also a fight among the guardians in which I’m not going to mention anymore. After the end of the year, I should be stepping down from my position as a guardian. What do you think about Alex Rockefeller?”
Sky was dumbfounded. “Do you plan to make Alex a guardian?”
“That’s right.”
“This young man is fortunate enough to be chosen by you.”
Zachary shook his head. “You’re wrong. Alex is definitely not a man without any talent. You saw his aunt’s arrow the last time as well. In my opinion, even the president is also at this level at best. Letting Alex be a guardian is actually risky for him.”
Sky was baffled. “Are you worried that the other three might make things difficult for Alex?”
Zachary took a sip of wine. His eyes were shining with an extraordinary splendor. “I don’t want Alex to be a guardian. I want him… To be the president of the constabulary.”
Sky was truly shocked.
Alex was dragged into Divine Constabulary by him. By a full count, had it been three months?
Other people had not even finished their probation period but Zachary actually wanted him to be the president already. The idea was simply bold and unbelievable.
At this moment, Anna’s call came through.
“Captain Sky, Divine Constabulary in Missouri is in trouble!”
“What trouble? The rescue went wrong?”
“Yes! They… Are all dead!”
“What? Who is dead? Stacey Cooper’s dead?”
“Stacey Cooper’s not dead but the others are all dead!”


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