The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1063

“What did you say?”
Sky jumped up in shock, turning over the wine glass in front of him. The red wine spilled out, yet nobody cared. Zachary was a half-stepped Grandmaster, so he could hear everything clearly. His expression also changed abruptly as he frowned.
He knew the person who led the case in Divine Constabulary of Missouri, it was Travis Blair, an Earth ranked martial artist as well as his direct subordinate. Even though he was relatively rough and a bit flawed in his personality, he was still satisfactory in his other aspects. At least there was no problem with his loyalty toward Divine Constabulary.
Sky immediately asked, “What actually happened? What about Alex Rockefeller? Is he okay?”
After that, he heard Alex’s voice. “I’m great!”
Anna said, “The boss of the Amaryllis Tower, Joshua Jones is an Advanced-Earth ranked martial artist! But, the greatest existence in the Amaryllis Tower isn’t Joshua Jones but an old demon who worships the Blood Cult.”
“What did you say?”
This time, it was Zachary who shrieked.
He took the phone from Sky’s hand right away. “Anna Coleman, I’m Zachary Xavier. Tell me, is the opponent really a member of the Blood Cult?”
“Yes, he admitted it himself. Captain Blair recognized him from the start.”
“Where’s him?”
“He’s dead. After Alex defeated him, he killed himself.”
“Pass the phone to Alex Rockefeller.”
“Uh… Please hold on. Alex is rescuing Stacey Cooper.”
Three minutes later, only then did Alex take over the phone. Stacey had awakened from a dazed, wooden like state at this moment. After waking up and seeing her surroundings, she was dumbfounded.
Alex walked aside and whispered, “Her mind has been manipulated. The people from the Amaryllis Tower had already made preparations a long time ago. The people from Divine Constabulary of Missouri got ambushed the moment they went in… I’m not clear about the Blood Cult. That person is probably a Grandmaster. The people who were killed by him have become dried corpses. I think you guys better come over.”
He did not reveal many details of the battle.
When Alex passed back the phone to Anna, he whispered, “Anna, don’t mention any details about the battle earlier, especially the parts that I was involved in. When Captain Sky or Guardian Xavier asks later, just say that you didn’t get a clear view.”
Anna looked at him seriously. “Alright! But on one condition!”
“Pray tell.”
“I want you to be my mentor!”
“Are you sure?”
“Or, I could join your sect? Can you be my senior? Just like Waltz Fleur?”
“Then, I’ll just be your master!”
One junior was more than enough. They might start a fight if there were too many of them.
Anna bit her own teeth. Although she was slightly reluctant. How nice would it be to have a senior?
However, she had already said the words, it was too late for her to take back her words. She immediately kneeled down with a thud. “Disciple, Anna Coleman, greet thee, Master!”
Alex was stunned. Never did he expect that this tigress would be so fast and efficient.
He helplessly said, “Get up!”
After pondering for a while, he took out a pill and passed it to Anna. “I’ve never had a disciple before. You’re considered as my first ever disciple. According to usual practice, here’s a gift of apprenticeship for you. Take the pill after you get back.”
“What is this?”
“A marrow washing pill! It can help cleanse your marrow!”
“Thank you, Master!”
She carefully put away the pill. After that, she kissed Alex on the lips.
In that instant, Alex was dumbfounded. “I’m your master, how could you…”
Anna replied, “And I’m your disciple. Is there a problem for me to kiss my master as a gratitude? It’s just like if I were to have a child in the future, I will surely feel that there’s nothing wrong for him or her to kiss me. I’ll even kiss my child back. Do you want to kiss me back?”


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