The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1968

Chapter 1968 Colton smirked and leaned back in his seat. “Did you come to ask for help after your role wastaken?” She paused, then looked up.

“Who said that? Do you think I need your help?” He squinted.

“Then why are you here? Just to bring pastries and visit me?” Ever since she joined the entertainment industry, she rarely visited Blackgold.

It was suspicious that she suddenly showed up.

Daisie smiled widely.

“I’m just here to congratulate you.

Aren’t you happy?” Colton frowned.

“What about?” Daisie’s smile dropped, and she suddenly slammed the pastry box on the desk.

“Coleman Goldmann, how could you be like that?” ‘Freyja is pregnant! How can he not be happy!?’ She must have been very angry to call him by his fullname.

Colton was shocked, but he frowned.

“What are you talking about?” ‘What did I do to make her angry?’ However, seeing howColton was clueless, Daisie froze.


didn’t tell you the surprise?” Colton was curious.

“What surprise?” Daisie pressed her hands on the desk.

“She’s preg—” Colton picked up someone’s call at that moment.

The other person said something, and his face dropped while he stood up.

“Alright.” After he hung up, he noticed that Daisie was saying something, so he asked, “You were saying?”

Daisie putthe box back into the bag.

“I’d rather feed these to the dog.

Go ahead with your work.” She then turned and left.

Colton was confused by her sudden burst of anger.

The girl had grown up, and her temper grew with her age.

That wasn’t the time to think about that.

The call was to alert him that Freyja’s mother was in Bassburgh.

Freyja went straight to Tenet and into the waiting room.

A middle-aged woman in a scarf sat drinking coffee on the couch.

When she saw the child sitting next to her, Freyja froze.

‘It’s Deedee?’

“It’s been three years, Fey.

You seem to be living a good life here.” Sandy turned to look at her.

Deedee ran toward her and gave her a hug.

“Aunt Fey.” She was four years old and had never forgotten Freyja.

Freyja knelt down to hug her, cupping her little face with her palm.

“You’re here, Deedee.” “Grandma said she was going to bring me to see you, so I came.

I miss you so much.

Don’t you love me anymore?” Deedee hugged her neck and looked sad.

Freyja patted her head.

“Of course I do.

How could I not love you?” She stared at Sandy.

How could she bring Deedee all the way to Zlokova? She couldn’t let Sandy bring Deedee around anymore.

Sandy put her cup down and slowly got up.

“If I didn’t bring her over, you probably would have forgotten about her already.” Freyja’s face dropped.

“How could you say that in front of her?” Deedee was still a child and was easily influenced, Sandy was hergrandmother, and Deedee was the child of her favorite son.

How could she manipulate her like that?

She smirked.

“Was I wrong? “Fey, when you agreed to take care of this child.

She’s already your daughter by name.


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