The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1969

Chapter 1969 Frevia noticed Deedee was shuddering in her arms. She bit her lip and stood up. “Mom, I think you’re the one who neglected her. I’ve always been the one who cared for her since she was a baby. You, an elder and her grandmother, how could you say any of that?” Sandy walked over, raised her hand, and slapped her on her face. Her face turned, and there was a deep palm print on it. Deedee started crying. “Grandma! Please don’t hit Aunt Fey.” Sandy shoved her away, and Deedee stopped crying after falling to the floor. Freyja ignored the pain on her face and helped Deedee up. Her eyes were cold. “Mom, you shouldn’t treat her that way. She’s the child of your son.” Sandy smirked. “What’s the point of a daughter? She’ll end up just like you.” That made Freyja freeze on the spot. Her mother hated her since she was a child just because she was a girl?

Sandy glared at Deedee, who was shaking, then at Freyja. “Do the Goldmanns know of this kid’s existence?”

Freyja didn’t answer.

Sandy walked over and stopped in front of her. “I guess not. You would admit that this child was yours in the past, but I’m sure you wouldn’t do that to the Goldmanns. Would you do that in front of Deedee, though?”

Sandy’s words were venomous. She was evidently trying to use Deedee’s lack of parental love to anger her.

Freyja had been taking care of Deedee and doing all that she could. Outsiders didn’t know that she was the child of Ken and her sister-in-law, and Deedee never saw either of her parents. To Deedee, Freyja was her mother.

How would Deedee feel if Freyja insisted on cutting ties with her?

Freyja held her fists. “What are you trying to do?”

Sandy sounded arrogant. “Since you’re now associated with the Goldmanns and are now Young Mrs. Goldmann, you might be useful. Your mother is here now, so are you not going to bring me to meet my in-laws?”

The air in the room froze and became heavy. There was no sound other than Deedee’s sniffling. Freyja took a deep breath and swallowed her hatred. “I’m not married to Colton yet, so I won’t be able to decide that.” Sandy looked unfriendly. “Are you trying to brush me off? “Young Mr. Goldmann has made your relationship public. Are you trying to lie to me? Hmph! I know that you will cut ties with US once you turn your life around. You’re pretending that you don’t know your mother now.” Freyja was going to say something, but her stomach lurched.

Sandy thought that she was ignoring her, so she grabbed her by her hair. “Freyja Pruitt, as long as I’m still your mother, you’ll never get rid of me…” She was immediately covered in vomit after that.

Sandy looked at her pants and shoes, which were covered in dirty fluids, and her face immediately changed. She pushed Freyja away and barked, “You b*tch! How could you!?” Freyja, who was pushed away, lost her balance, but right when she was falling backward, someone immediately held her. Freyja was stunned when she looked at this familiar face. Colton hugged Freyja and looked at Sandy with cold eyes. “You expect her to love you when you treat her like this?”

Sandy’s face dropped, and she ignored the filth. “You’re my son-in-law? I’m sorry that you have to see that.” “You have no right to call me that.”


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