The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1064

Alex touched the back of his head. His brain could not work for a while.
At this moment, Stacey finally came back to her senses and remembered what happened before her mind was being manipulated. At that time, her mission had failed and Joshua Jones found out her true identity. After that, an old man took her away. And then, she was dazed and unaware of the situation.
Now, she saw Joshua’s corpse.
It was because Travis Blair, Jamie Dodd and the others had become dried corpses, all of their facial features had changed, leaving only a layer of skin on their faces. It was impossible to recognize the person at all.
She walked over. “What happened over here?”
Anna replied, “We are the people from Divine Constabulary of California. You’ve been rescued!”
Meanwhile, Alex gave Brittany a call.
“Mom, the person who caught Stephen Hendrix is already dead. The mastermind is someone from Brilliant Ice Pharmaceutical, with the last name Lee!”
“But, this person has… Probably gone crazy.”
Franky Lee was indeed crazy.
After enduring the bloody coercion from the old demon and the rampage of countless wraith puppets, his mental capacity has exceeded his limit and he went crazy.
Brittany asked, “How are you doing?”
Alex replied, “I’m doing well!”
He was indeed doing well.
After the mysterious head in his upper energy core had absorbed the golden pearl, the crack on it had actually healed for more than half. Now that only about forty percent of the damage was left, it had saved him much energy!
“Have you found Stephen Hendrix?”
“I’ll go look for him right now!”
Stacey had been investigating the Amaryllis Tower for several days, so she had better understanding about the construction and layout inside.
Under the leadership of Stacey, Alex found Stephen very quickly.
The movie star, who had tens of millions of fans, was locked in a small room. Both his hands and feet tied and he was unable to move. Most importantly, he was disfigured at first due to a car accident. However, there had been a great recovery after using the scar removal product from Lush Cosmetics for the past few days.
Stephen Hendrix looked into the mirror everyday. Seeing his horrible face getting healed bit by bit, Stephen’s confidence recovered slowly as well.
After experiencing this life and death moment and having a more thorough understanding of life, he believed that he could perform more exciting film works.
Unfortunately, all of his hope was lost after being kidnapped by Joshua. Not only was he trapped in here, but his face was also
cut several times. Even a piece of his flesh was cut off. The present him was even uglier than before, and it was difficult for him to meet people again.
Anna covered her mouth in disbelief when she saw the male celebrity.
In normal times, she also loved the television series that were played by Stephen.
“Master, it seems that there’s only one day left before the seven days period as per agreed on the internet. If his appearance is published tomorrow, it will be a huge blow to Lush Cosmetics,” said Anna. “Do you have the confidence to heal his face by tomorrow?”
Stacey thought that she was listening to a story of the Arabian Nights. “His face is already rotten to such a state. Even a skin implant can’t recover his face anymore, right? Are guys serious about recovering his face by tomorrow?”
Even Stephen had given up the hope. He bowed and said, “I thank you all for saving me. I know my own situation. I’m afraid I won’t be able to regain my appearance in this lifetime! I’m truly sorry for Lush Cosmetics. I have an idea but I don’t know if it will work. I used to have a stuntman who looked like me for seventy or eighty percent. If we could find him and do some makeup on him, we might be able to fool the audience.”
Stacey said, “Great idea!”
Alex shook his head. “It doesn’t have to be so troublesome. Originally, we were going to let your appearance restore to its original state by using Lush Cosmetics’ product. But now, we can only use another method… Give me ten minutes and I’ll recover your appearance.”
Stephen was dumbfounded.
Stacey had her eyes widened. “Are you kidding me? Ten minutes to recover his appearance? How are you going to do that? I’ll eat my own shoes if you can do it!”


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