The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1970

Chapter 1970 Colton carried Freyja in his arms and was going to leave when Sandy blocked him. “Aslong as she’s my daughter, our relationship will not change.


Goldmann, you can’t deny that.” Colton smirked and looked at her coldly.

“Don’t be too confident about that.

You don’t get to decide if we accept you.” He then walked away with Freyja in his arms.

Sandy glared at them as they walked away.

She then looked toward Deedee, who had her head low and didn’t speak because she was verymuch afraid of her.

She walked forward and pinched her cheeks.

“You better behave if you want to spend time with her.

Get it?” Deedee didn’t dare say that it hurt but just nodded in fear.

Meanwhile, Colton carried Freyja all the way to the car.

He saw how pale and uncomfortable she looked, so he asked Leonardo to drive her to the hospital.

Freyja immediately stopped him.

“Not the hospital.” Colton held her chin and looked at her pale face.

“How could we not go to the hospital when you look like that?”

The air freshener in the car made Freyja cover her mouth, turn around to open the door,and throw up.

Colton patted her back lightly while holding her hair up, then gnashed his teeth.

“What did you eat that made you throw up so badly?” Leonardo saw her reaction, thought of something, and covered his mouth.

“Sir, she’s throwing up badly.

Do you think that she’s pregnant?” Colton froze, then turned to face him.

“What!?” He then turned back to Freyja, who was still throwing up, and remembered what Daisie was about to say to him in his office.

He grabbed Freyja by her shoulder and turned her around.” Freyja, are you pregnant?” Freyja coveredher face and avoided his eyes.

She didn’t say anything, so it was an admission.

Colton immediately asked Leonardo to drive to the hospital.

She stopped him again.

“I’ve been to the hospital.

I’ll be better after I take the medication.” He sounded anxious and loud.

“So you’re pregnant, right?” Freyja pushed him away.

“I didn’t want it to happen, but it did.” He was stunned when she said ‘she didn’t want it to happen’.

In the next instant, he chuckled.

“What do you mean? Do you not want to have a baby?” She opened her mouth.

“I didn’t-“.

Colton grabbed her shoulder tightly.

“Freyja, did you hide your pregnancy because you didn’t want the baby?”

Freyja shook her head and wanted to say something,but she felt nauseated, as if speaking would make her throw up.

Colton held her tightly in his arms and yelled at Leonardo.

“Don’t just sit there.


Back to the Seaview Villa.” Leonardo snapped back and immediately drove.

Once they got back, Colton carried her back to the room, poured her a glass of warm water, took out the vitamins in her bag, andfed one to her.

She took it and washed it down with gulps of water.

After a few minutes, she stopped feeling nauseated.

Colton was going to get up and leave when she grabbed onto his jacket.

“Don’t go.” That was the first time she ever asked him to stay.

Colton was moved.

He couldn’t just leave her, no matter how angry he was.

He sat down at the edge of the bed and tucked her in.

“I’ll stay.” The warm light shone on his hair and shadowed half of his face.

The suit made him look cold and arrogant.

He was high on top and was far from everyone.


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