The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1971

Chapter 1971 However, Colton was keeping her company like a normal boyfriend. He was worried that she would catch a cold, so he tightly tucked her into the bed. He was worried that she would be uncomfortable with her pregnancy, so he didn’t dare to close his eyes. He was not used to taking care of other people, but he had learned how to take care of her.

After a long while, Freyja squinted and looked at him through the pillar of light. “You should go do your own stuff. I’ll be fine.”

Colton placed his hand on her eyes and said, “You shouldn’t talk. Close your eyes and get some rest.” “Colton.” She was tired. Her eyelids felt heavy, but she tried her best to open them. She called out to him softly and said, “I have never thought of having an abortion.”

Colton lowered his head to look at her. Even though she was exhausted, she still forced herself to explain to him before falling asleep. He did not know whether he should laugh at her or not. He leaned over slightly and played with her hair with his finger as he stared at her face.

Something came into his head, and the corner of his lips curled upward. By the time Freyja woke up, it was already evening. She got up and rubbed her forehead. She did not know why, but she easily got tired recently. Was it because she was pregnant?

Suddenly, she remembered Deedee.

She hastily collected her hair with a hairband and rushed toward the restroom. She wanted to wash her face to freshen herself up, but when she saw the doodle on her face, she was stunned for a moment, and then she shouted, “Colton!”

Colton had already gone back to the company, and he sneezed.

Leonardo was in the middle of reporting his job. He was interrupted by his sneeze, and he lifted his head up. “Do you need me to turn up the temperature?”

Colton waved his hand. “That’s not necessary.”

He put down the document and massaged his nose. “Don’t tell anyone about Freyja’s pregnancy yet. There are too many people in the company, and I don’t want things to get out of control.” Leonardo nodded. “Understood.”

He picked up the document and exited the office.

Leaning against the chair, Colton thought about something and chuckled. He did not know if she had already woken up or not, but if she had woken up, he was certain that she would be scolding him when she saw the thing he had left on her face.

Meanwhile, at Taylorton…

Noilace was using his laptop on the couch. He seemed to be checking on something, and Edison knocked on the door. “Sir, after Mrs. Pruitt arrived in Bassburgh, she went to look for Ms. Pruitt at Tenet, and…”

He lifted his head and asked, “And what?”

“She brought Deedee to Bassburgh with her,” said Edison.

Deedee was Ken’s daughter, but she was raised by Freyja ever since she was born. If Sandy brought her to Bassburgh, there was only one thing she wanted to do-threaten Freyja with Deedee.

Noilace closed the laptop and raised his head. “I think she doesn’t know I’m in Bassburgh yet, right?”

Edison shook his head. “Not many people know that you’re in Bassburgh. They only know that you’re having a long business trip. Besides, you haven’t exposed yourself in Bassburgh, so there is no way she would know you’re here.”

Noilace put the laptop on the table and rose to his feet. “Send someone to keep an eye on her. Also, get the people in Yaramoor to find out who Mrs. Pruitt has been in touch with recently.” “Are you worried about something?” Edison felt that Noilace was being very cautious, but he was certain that it was not because he was afraid of Sandy.

Noilace parted his tightly thinned lips and said, “I’m sure she didn’t come all the way here for Freyja. Don’t forget, she hates the Knowles and me to the core because of her son’s death. Three vears ago, the Pruitts knew that I was in a relationship with Daisie.

“Daisie has announced her engagement, but she didn’t tell anyone who she’s engaged to. Do you think my aunt won’t suspect that I’m the one Daisie is engaged to?” Edison was stunned. “But even so, she should’ve targeted the Knowles first if she knows that you aren’t in Yaramoor.”


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