The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1068

A whim struck him.
Immediately, he put all of his concentration on the formation blueprint of the Sword of the Universe. After comparing both formation blueprints, he found the place where he was stuck before. He slowly extrapolated it and then reversed the research process.
Time passed little by little, yet he did not feel a thing. Until a certain moment, as if he was walking inside a dark tunnel and suddenly a bright light appeared in front of him.
He had passed through it!
In that instant, the formation blueprint in his mind seemed to have become alive. He understood the principle within it. After decoding the true meaning behind it, the formation blueprint that was imprinted in his mind combined perfectly with the first sword of the Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six, the Sword of the Universe.
Alex reached out his hand and the Sword of the Universe appeared in his hand. It was so much easier than before.
It seemed like this Sword of the Universe, which evolved from the Dragon Bone Needle, was two feet long with a sharp blade and filled with pervasive essence. A white sword light came out of the sword with a gentle swing.
A ten meter long sword mark appeared on the ground.
‘Impressive!’ Alex was ovenvhelmingly excited.
He used to be very envious about Aunt Rockefeller’s Fiery Phoenix Bow as it was a very powerful magical treasure. Now, he could finally completely control the Sword of the Universe with changeable size as well.
The elongated sword could kill his enemies while the short sword could save people. That was the true intention of the old ancestor.
Following his swing with the Sword of the Universe earlier, the spell formation inside the chamber was broken. Soon, he realized something was hung on the ceiling in the middle of the chamber.
That was the original pinhole location for the spell formation.
‘What is this?’ He casually grabbed it off with his hands. He realized that it was a tiny white flute.
The material… It made Alex frown. It was actually made out of a piece of bone.
It was a bone flute.
He realized something abnormal about the bone flute when he held it in his palms. He could not tell what kind of species was that bone from, but there was a great difference compared to normal bones. It seemed more like a piece of jade that was full of strange glow and it also had a wave of fluctuating essence.
He had learnt how to play the flute before. He put it next to his mouth and blew it.
A moving flute tune was played. Surprisingly, the phonic note had a kind of power to stir up the essence of heaven and earth. It could even resonate with his own mental power.
‘This bone flute is just a nice gift for Daya!’
‘Her ability to protect herself should be much stronger with this!’
Just when he put away the bone flute, Anna came rushing in from the outside nervously. “Master, are you okay?”
“I’m fine!”
“You’ve been inside here for a very long time!”
“Huh? I’ve been in here for a very long time? How long has it been?”
“You’ve been in here for the whole night! Now it’s half past ten in the morning of the second day.”
“Huh?” Alex was dumbfounded for a long time. Immediately afterwards, he saw Maya, Brittany and Hailey coming in as well. It turned out that they could not get in touch with Alex, so they found their way here. However, they realized that they could not enter the chamber at all, so they could only wait outside.
After that, the women exclaimed when they saw the scene inside.
“W-why is this place like this?”
As they were talking, Sky Melvis and Zachary Xavier walked over as well.


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