The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1069

Zachary Xavier was one of the Four Great Guardians of Divine Constabulary. He was knowledgeable and experienced.
What kind of scenes had he not seen before?
However, when he saw the blood and the bones laying everywhere in the chamber, his facial expression turned extremely awful. The corner of his mouth twitched vigorously as he said, “The worshippers of the Blood Cult are truly unacceptable by the world.”
The people of Divine Constabulary in South California arrived yesterday night. Not only did they take control of the entire building of Amaryllis Tower, they had also investigated a lot of information as well.
Alex, Sky and Zachary exchanged information inside an empty room.
“More than twenty years ago, Joshua Jones was just a gangster in a certain wet market in Michigan. He lived off the protection fees from the vendors and had not much future prospects.”
“But then, he rose to prominence over the night and became a martial expert all of a sudden. Not only did he seize the territories of other organizations, but later he even established this Amaryllis Tower. Gradually, he developed it into a famous underground boxing venue in South California.”
“We found many illicit evidence of the local officials in Joshua Jones’s safe box inside his office. This is also the reason why the Amaryllis Tower could stand here for more than twenty years without collapsing…”
Sky told Alex the information that they had gathered. Based on this inference, it was not hard to realize that Joshua Jones was just a pawn working for the old demon from the Blood Cult.
The person who truly held the power of the Amaryllis Tower was the old demon from the Blood Cult.
Zachary said, “The Blood Cult has a long history. It emerged during the 1600s and rumor has it that their most powerful skill is Bloodthirsty Demonic Art. Those who practice this art have to use the flesh and blood of the living people. It’s extremely evil and heartless. Countless people have died in the hands of the Blood Cult’s worshippers. Until more than a hundred years ago, they were eliminated by the joint forces of various sects in America. According to the biographies and unofficial history accounts of the predecessors, back then, everything regarding the practices, people, and buildings of the Blood Cult was wiped out. Not a single trace was left because they wanted to put an end to this evil cultivation and keep it from harming this world. I never thought that it would come back again.”
When he said it, he let out a deeply worrying sigh.
Alex said, “Then, I’m afraid the Blood Cult has been developing in the shadows for quite some time. Before the elder of the Blood Cult died, he mentioned that the Blood Cult will be making a comeback in the near future. They want the six factions and seventy two families of America to pay for the price with blood.”
Zachary said, “Did he really say so?”
Alex nodded his head.
Zachary replied, “This matter is greatly important. I have to get back to Alaska to meet the constabulary’s president immediately! Alex, you’ve done a great job this time. Would you like to follow me to Alaska to meet with the president?”
Alex looked at Zachary as he was not sure of his intention.
In the end, he shook his head. “Forget it this time. I have some matters to deal with back at my home lately. I really can’t go.”
Zachary felt slightly regretful but he did not force him either. He said, “It’s fine. We’ll wait for the next time to come then. Alex, you’re highly cultivated and far beyond me. I have high hopes for you in the ranking battle of Divine Constabulary at the coming year end. I have a feeling that you’re absolutely capable of taking over my position as one of the Four Great Guardians.”
“What? Taking over your position?” Alex was astonished.
Zachary said, “That’s right! One must be a Grandmaster to be competent in order to become a guardian of Divine Constabulary. Otherwise, it’ll be unjustified and undeserving of such a position. Your cultivation is already of a Grandmaster and it is just right for you to take over my position. I have faith in you.”
Alex shook his head and said with a smile, “I have a lot of things to do and I can’t take this position.”
Zachary said, “I know you’re trying to find out the real cause of your father’s death. I’ve heard about your father, William Rockefeller. It involves a mystery, but what exactly it is, I’m not sure! However, if you can become a guardian of Divine Constabulary, or even the president of the Constabulary, you’ll have a certain degree of authority. You can speak to the people of certain forces. It’ll be helpful to you in finding information about your father.”
Alex was moved but he did not make any statement at the moment. Most of all, he was wary about the top management of Divine Constabulary.
The conversation ended here.
The matter regarding the Blood Cult was greatly important. Hence, Zachary had to leave Michigan and travel to Alaska immediately.


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