The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1071

Nobody expected that sudden announcement from Daya Stoermer.
Inherently, Daya was more popular than Stephen Hendrix. In addition, he had been resting for three years due to the car accident.
About a dozen minutes later, Daya’s Instagram post had surpassed Stephen’s, reaching the top of the trending headline searches.
As for the identity of “husband” mentioned by Daya, it had been a heated discussion among the netizens. However, since he was the owner who developed the product, Lush Scar Removal Cream from Lush Cosmetics, he must be greatly related to Lush Cosmetics.
Some of the officials who had access to the archival information, immediately went to look up for the legal person, current president and executives in charge of Lush Cosmetics. It turned out that the legal person was a young woman named Maya Howards. Whereas, information about the current president, Brittany Rockefeller and various files about her could not be found at all.
This was because after Alex was promoted to the elder of Divine Constabulary, all his files as well as the files of the people closest to him had become top secret.
At Dorothy-Alex Constructions in California, Dorothy was upset when she looked at Daya’s message that heated up the internet through her phone.
“Hmph! Thief!” She threw her phone at the table.
Star-like glisten flashed through her pair of gloomy eyes.
“Ms. Ass*x!”
At this moment, a department manager walked in.
“What’s the matter?”
“Something went wrong with the Trinity International project… At first, we had already signed the contract and arranged for the procurement of the materials too, but the other party suddenly said they wanted to cancel the contract and would not compensate us for the penalty for the breach of contract.”
Dorothy’s eyes turned sharped. “Why?”
The manager looked at Dorothy carefully and said, “Mr. Maldini said that he asked you to have dinner with him at first but you didn’t show him respect by not attending the dinner. So, he cancelled the contract. He threatened us that if we ever ask him for compensation, he will make our Dorothy-Alex Constructions close down within a month… Ms. Ass*x, Trinity International has a mighty background. Mr. Maldini’s father-in-law is a government official and his position is quite high too.”
“Hmph!” Dorothy let out a cold grunt. “That Maldini, is he looking for his own death? Tell Secretary Benmore about this and let her handle it. I want him to pay ten times the amount of penalty for breaching the contract!”
After a pause, she suddenly changed her mind.
“Hold on a minute. There’s no need to look for Secretary Benmore. You can go out first. I’ll handle it myself!”
When the manager left, Dorothy grabbed her phone again and made a phone call. She took a deep breath. “Hubby, save me!”
The manager earlier would have been dumbfounded if he were to hear those words.
Meanwhile, Alex was entangled with Daya!
It was because Daya was going to leave by tomorrow to officially start her Test of Hell.
The reason why the post on her Instagram that was tantamount announcing her love affair was also related to this matter. It would be a narrow escape to survive the Test of Hell. Even though she was confident in herself and well prepared, who could guarantee her absolute safety?
According to Alex’s intention, he did not want her to take the risk. With his assistance, he could help her to embark on the journey of cultivation as well.
However, one shouldn’t see Daya as a mere singing celebrity and she appeared to be soft and weak during normal times. Whenever she made a decision, there would not be a turning back at all. Her mother, Carey Stoermers was reluctant to let her go in every possible way, yet she still bent on the same path.
“I won’t be your burden!”
“And won’t let your aunt look down on me!”
Hence, since today would be the last time the both of them getting together before parting, naturally it would be very intense.
Unexpectedly, Alex received a call from Dorothy asking for help. He immediately jumped in shock. “Dorothy, what happened?”
Dorothy said, “Someone wants me to sleep with him. Come quickly!”
In the split second, Alex could feel that his flame of love had turned into the flame of anger. “Which b*stard is it this time round? Where are you?”
“I’m in my office, please hurry up! Or else, you’ll only have one wife left!”
After finished speaking, she hung up the phone.
Alex was holding onto his phone while he looked down at Daya. “Um…”
Daya also looked at him and said gently, “You should go! This is good as well. At least I have something to ponder on. Wait for me to come back and we’ll continue the other half! I’ll go by myself tomorrow. I don’t like the feeling of saying goodbye.”
Alex stared at her for a long time.


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