The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1072

He kissed her fiercely. Tears gently flicked on Daya’s cheeks.
She bit him on his lips until it bled.
“Remember to always miss me!”
“I will!”
“Wait for my return and I’ll give birth to a big fat kid for you.”
“Hubby, you have to be well too!”
Alex left Daya’s room and immediately he called Keith Yowell.
“Mr. Yowell, I need you to go to Dorothy-Alex Constructions to protect Dorothy.”
“I’ll be there in a while.”
When Keith received the call, he was slightly stunned. Based on his understanding, Alex and Dorothy had long been divorced. Now, it seemed like it may not be what he had imagined.
An hour or more later, Alex rushed to Dorothy-Alex Constructions. He saw Dorothy, who was sitting on the couch in her office, talking to Keith. Nobody else was present at the scene.
Alex was relieved when he saw that Dorothy was still intact. And then, a whim struck him. Only then did he realize that Dorothy most likely lied to him about the situation this time. She was in her office, who could come to sleep with her here?
However, he could not say anything either.
“Sorry to trouble you, Mr. Yowell!” Alex said first to Keith.
Keith had received a rejuvenation pill from Alex previously. Not only did it give him a lot of vitality, but it had also improved his cultivation. After going through so much, Alex had long been firmly recognized by Keith as a powerful patron. Keith would ride on his coattails no matter what. Not to mention a small matter like this, he would go through hell and high water without a frown.
“You’re most welcomed, Mr. Rockefeller. It’s no trouble at all!” Keith said as he stood up, “I have now found out that Ms. Ass*x is very knowledgeable and has a great memory. She has different perspectives in many aspects. Talking to Ms. Ass*x has benefitted an old man like me a lot.”
Alex looked at the expressions of the two of them. He was surprised as they did not seem like they were working together to tell him a joke. However, Keith had lived for a long period of life and he was also the patriarch of one of the four great families in California. In terms of knowledge, he was not someone whom Dorothy could compare with. For him to say such words, it was too weird.
Dorothy looked toward Alex. At a glance, she could see the wound on Alex’s lips. It even had a row of dainty teeth marks.
At that moment, the sea of jealousy was tumbling.
Luckily, Keith was around, so she did not show her long face to Alex. Instead, she said, “You speak too highly of me, Mr. Yowell. I just love to read some miscellaneous books during my free time. Everything I said are other people’s experiences. How could I compare myself with you, Mr. Yowell.”
After that, Keith sensibly stood up and left after saying goodbye.
Alex went to pull Dorothy. “Honey…”
Dorothy gently dodged. “It seems someone has become someone else’s husband. Who on the internet doesn’t know about it? Don’t simply call me your honey, or else people may get the wrong idea.”
Alex sighed secretly. He thought, ‘Sure enough, it’s because she saw the news on the internet.’
He was inexplicably a bit irritated when he looked at her.
He abandoned Daya just to rush back to California and this was the treatment that he got. Compared with Daya’s understanding, the feeling that Dorothy gave him was actually getting worse.
Of course, he knew that this was his problem.
“What is it? Are you still mad at me?”
Dorothy showed a stern face. “What am I supposed to do with you when you meet me while carrying another woman’s smell on you and having her bite marks on your lips too?”
“Get in the shower! We’ll go beat up the person after you shower!”
“Huh? Someone really wants to sleep with you?”
“Hmph! Many people would love to sleep with me! If you’re too busy, I can always find someone else to replace you.”


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