The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1978

Chapter 1978 The ring fell to the floor, leaving a soft, crisp sound. Daisie squatted down to pick up the ring and found a small gap in the middle of the ring. She took the ring into her hand and wondered. “How could the ring…” Seeing something, she was stunned for a moment and took the ring apart, revealing a device that was smaller than an ant in front of her eyes. 

In the study, Nollace sat behind the desk. His fingers were interlocked, and his hands were propped against his chin as he was still thinking about the matter between Donald and Sandy. 

The screen of his cell phone lit up. He glanced at it and saw a notification informing him that the tracking device had gone offline. He could not help but be astounded. He subconsciously reacted to something in his mind, but Daisie had already pushed open the door. 

“Nollace Knowles!” She rushed over and slammed the ring he had given her three years ago in front of him. It was obvious that she had discovered the secret hidden in the ring. “You‘d better have an explanation for this.” 

Nollace rubbed his temples and laughed. ‘I can no longer hide it, can I?‘ 

“It seems that you‘ve discovered my little tricks.” 

Daisie stared at him. “So, you did install a tracking device in the ring?” 

‘It‘s no wonder he can always guess where I am, whether it was three years ago or now. He even knew I forgot to put the ring back on after I took it off while filming. ‘I really thought he‘s a god. It turns out that he‘s installed a tracking device on me! ‘But why? Why would he need to install a tracking device on me? Is it to monitor my daily schedule, or is he so worried about me?‘ Nollace got up, walked around the corner of the desk, and toward her. “Daisie…” 

Daisie avoided his approach almost subconsciously, and even she was astonished by her own reaction. Nollace’s outstretched hand stopped midair, and he retracted it when he noticed something 

The atmosphere in the study room was stagnant and silent for a moment. 

After a long time, he turned around and clenched his hands. “I‘m sorry about that. You should go back and get some rest first.” 

Daisie looked up at him. She did not mean to dodge him just now. She was just a little confused. After all, Nollace had installed a tracking device on the ring without her consent she did not even know about its existence. He had done so to monitor her whereabouts, and it scared her. 

She opened her lips. “Nollace, don‘t you… Don‘t you plan to explain yourself?” 

Half of his facial outline was flickering under the light and the shadows, and she could not get a clear view of his expression at the moment. “I don‘t want to lie to you, but I‘ll admit that I have my selfish thoughts.” 

Daisie froze in place. 

He turned his head sideways and glanced at her with a gloomy expression. “Daisie, I‘m not as perfect as you think I am.” 

‘I‘m no God, so how can I be that perfect? All she‘s seen were just my tricks and means.’ He had always wanted Daisie to see his goodness, so he would try his best to be perfect when she was around. His gentleness and consideration, meticulous care, and pampering could only be hers to see. 

Whatever she liked, he would try his best to satisfy her, including her filming career. No matter how unwilling he felt deep down when he saw her filming romantic scenes with other male actors, he still chose to support her. He could not even have the idea of possessing her to himself, locking her by his side, and not allowing anyone to even get a peep of her. Everything he had done was because he did not want her to see his truest color. More than anything else, he was even more afraid of her rejection. That was why he felt as if his mind had been blended into a mess when she discovered the miniature tracking device in the ring. ‘When she finds out that I was never as perfect as I seem to be, will she regret her choice? But if she were to regret it, it‘d already be too late for me.‘ 


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