The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1073

How could Alex let anyone else replace him on a matter like this?
Would that not turn himself into a cuckold?
He asked, “Who wants to sleep with you?”
“The CEO of Trinity International. His last name is Maldini. He’s a fat guy with a big head. He said that if I don’t sleep with him, he’ll make sure that our Dorothy-Alex Constructions be closed down. Look, I’m just a weak woman and my husband only cares about dating another woman. All I could do is offer my body to safeguard the company.”
“Um… I was in Michigan. I don’t have time to go dating as well.”
“Oh. So did a dog bite your lips?”
“Cough, cough! Daya is leaving! She will be going through the family’s Test of Hell that has a slim chance of survival. She did it for me.”
Dorothy’s expression was frozen. She pouted her lips as she said, “In the end, you’re truly the worst of all. You knew that you’re in trouble, yet you still provoked her. If she’s dead… Pooh, pooh, pooh. It will be your fault.”
After that, Alex went to shower.
He came over in a hurry. Indeed, he still had Daya’s smell on him. It was no wonder that Dorothy would be furious. Thinking about it from another angle, Dorothy had the smell of another man on her…
‘Damn, how is this okay?’
While he was taking a shower, Dorothy made a call to Trinity International.
“Mr. Maldini, what’s going on? You’ve signed the contract, how could you cancel it as you wish? You are a powerful figure, yet you do things too spontaneously,” said Dorothy in a hollowed tone.
On the other end, it was the CEO of Trinity International with a fat head, big ears and body that was as fat as a pig, Benedict Maldini.
Benedict felt his entire body tingling when he heard Dorothy’s delicate voice.
At this moment, he was hugging his secretary and having fun in his office. Immediately, he was excited, so he laughed and said, “Ms. Ass*x, I’m used to being a spontaneous person. I do business based on the affinity at a glance. If someone pleases my eyes, I won’t frown the slightest even if it’s a five-billion-dollar business, let alone a fifty-million-dollar business. Ms. Ass*x, this contract depends on your sincerity.”
Dorothy sneered. Her eyes were as sharp as daggers but her voice remained sweet as she said, “According to Mr. Maldini, what should I do then? You can just say it directly.”
“Great. Since Ms. Ass*x has asked, I won’t hide it from you. I want you! At eight o’clock tonight, come to Riverside No. 7 Villa. If you do come, not only will I give you the contract, I’ll also add on another billion dollars of building materials contract.”
“Sure thing! It’s settled then, I’ll meet you at eight o’clock tonight. See you there!”
As Dorothy spoke, the cold light in her eyes was like a ten thousand year old frozen dagger. They were filled with murderous aura.
However, it just flashed past her eyes.
After looking at the bathroom door, Dorothy hung up the phone and lay on the couch lazily with various postures, like a noble consort laying on the side.
“Hubby, are you done yet?”
“My legs are sore, hurry up and massage them for me!”
Meanwhile, Benedict, who was on the other end, was beyond excited. He did not even want the service of Honey anymore. He
pushed her away. “Alright, go out and do your work. I’ll call you when I need you.”
Compared with Dorothy, Honey, who had seven or eight points for her beauty, could be directly thrown away. It was because Dorothy had two hundred points for her beauty.
Benedict was amazed by Dorothy when he first met her by chance. She was exactly the type of woman whom he dreamt of. After finding out that Dorothy owned a construction business, he purposefully signed a contract over there just to get close to Dorothy and then take possession of her for himself.
Benedict’s entire body was trembling with excitement when he thought of devouring the pretty woman whom he yearned day and night tonight. As for now, he had to conserve his strength.
Soon, it was eight o’clock at Riverside No. 7 Villa. Benedict dressed himself up carefully. He even meticulously prepared candles, red wine and pills.
The pills were good pills that were tailored specifically for men. After consumption, it could enhance the ability in a certain aspect.
There was also another kind of pill prepared for the woman. He was worried that Dorothy might get cold feet and did not want to continue. Wouldn’t his plan be spoiled?


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