The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1074

He even prepared a hidden camera to put it on the bed’s head in his luxurious room.
When the time came, it would be even more perfect for him to record the scene. Not only could he often take it out for enjoyment, but he could even use it as a bargaining chip to threaten her for a next time without any charge.
At eight o’clock sharp, his phone rang. It was from his subordinate who was guarding the main entrance of his villa.
“Mr. Maldini, Ms. Ass*x is here.”
“Alright! Let her in right away.”
If Benedict were to go over to the balcony of the villa at this time, he should be able to see not only Dorothy but also another man as well at the main entrance downstairs.
However, he did not go there.
Naturally, he did not see that the man was choking on the back of his bodyguard’s neck with a sharp needle placed right in front of his eye.
If he were to push it slightly inward, his eyeball would be ruined. He did not see it. Hence, he happily reached for the glass of water and took the pill beforehand.
Alex knocked the bodyguard out with a slap and pulled Dorothy, walking into the villa step by step. During the process, he still took his time to admire the environment and layout of the villa. He realized that this villa was more sophisticated than Maple No. 8 Villa. The swimming pool alone was twice as big as his.
“Seems like this Maldini is pretty rich,” said Alex.
“Then you should ask for more compensation. Demand ten times the compensation from him…”
Alex grunted. “I came all the way from Michigan and I even got scolded by my wife. How can ten times the compensation be enough? Are you treating me like a beggar? I need at least a hundred times more.”
“Sure. Take as much as you want.”
The heavy and sophisticated door to the villa opened up. The two of them held hands as they walked in. Benedict, who was still excited at first, was a bit dumbfounded when he actually saw Dorothy pulling a man in. Then, his expression darkened.
He had the feeling of his woman had been picked up by another man.
“Ms. Ass*x, who is he? What do you mean by this?” Benedict asked with a cold expression.
“He’s my ex-husband.” Dorothy smiled as she said, “He knows that I’m coming to your place to sleep with you, so he purposefully rushed over from Michigan. He insisted on coming here. I had no choice but to let him come over and take a look!”
Benedict immediately sneered when he heard her, “So, it’s the ex-husband! Hmph, since you’re already not in a relationship with her anymore, why do you care so much about her? If Ms. Ass*x chooses to come over to my place, it means that she’s already my woman. It’s none of your business. If you are tactful, hurry and get lost. Or else, there won’t be a good consequence.”
After taking two glances at him, Alex immediately frowned. At a glance, he could tell that this man had consumed a drug that was specifically made for men.
At this moment, his eyes were red, his heart was pounding quickly and his blood was flowing in reverse.
“You’re quite romantic!”
Alex casually grabbed a glass of red wine. He shook his head as he said, “I wonder how effective this spiked wine is?”
Benedict’s heart pounded vigorously when he heard him. He said, “Nonsense! What spiked wine? Who spiked it?”
“You spiked it!”
“You… You hurry and get out of here now! Otherwise, I’ll get my bodyguard to break your legs before throwing you out of here!”
At this moment, a few people charged in hurriedly. The person taking the lead was Azure Storm.
It just happened that Benedict knew Azure. He said in surprise, “Bro Azure, why are you here?”
Azure did not even care about him and directly said to Alex, “I’m sorry, Bro Alex. I came late.”
Alex was too lazy to clean up a guy like Benedict. Therefore, when he came over, he had informed Azure to let him handle it.


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